A game about implanting an egg with Sperm…SPERMATOZOON!

Well. First off, Spermatozoon is an Indie game on the Xbox360, it is developed and published by Blau. In Spermatozoon your objective is to fertilize an ovum..that’s right. You play as the sperm once again and you must implant yourself whilst timing the shot right to maneuver around obstacles. The game is only 80 MSP and has a LOT of levels, even though I initially bought the demo to play, it felt like the full game, because it allowed you to play so much. I most definitely have already purchased it because I found it so funny and fun. The game even has the option to play 1-4 players locally and try and create twins, triplets or quintuplets! There isn’t much more to say besides, that this is very much so a good appealing Indie game, it looks great, it plays great and the soundtrack is soothing. It even is rather difficult. You really have to time some of the shots to achieve fertilization. Support the Developers, purchase this game and maybe we’ll see a Spermatozoon 2: Revenge of the twat.

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