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Quadra is a, fast paced Action-Puzzle game, inspired by Lumines, but with unlockable Power-Ups which ramp up and change the gameplay.
The objective in Quadra, is to earn the highest score possible by matching colored blocks before the pile reaches the top of the grid. The more blocks you match, the higher your score climbs. We’ve added bombs and different Power-Ups to change your strategy. With 3 modes and an increasing difficulty level for each mode, there’s always a chance to achieve a higher score. Quadra has a simple gameplay mechanic that hooks you quickly, becoming more difficult and challenging as you progress through the game. With 30 achievements and Game Center Leaderboard integration, see how you rank against your friends.
Let’s jump right into the review, shall we?


This game definitely has the musicality feel of Tron; a futuristic, techno feel. I definitely got frustrated at the repetitiveness of the sounds and music at times. I found myself playing with thesound on very low, or even off. To be honest, it gave me a headache. I like the attempt at the futuristic, techno sounds and music, however, the constant bombardment of the same tones, definitely made the game lack enjoyment. Play with the sound off, you’ll have a better time.

This game does not deliver the quality of graphics that the iPhone, or an iOS device is capable of delivering. I understand that it is a puzzle game, however, there needs to be something that makes this game stand out from the rest. The graphics are nothing to rant and rave about thats for sure. It almost feels like an up-scale 8-bit Tetris (sorry for the comparison, it was begging to be made).


The controls are definitely the feature of this game. They are spaced out nicely, and are large enough so people with big fingers won’t have a problem playing this game. This is definitely the stand out feature of this game (if you want to call it a feature).


First off, the game starts you out with a tutorial. I happen to think tutorials are wonderful! It gets you acclimate to the game, and helps you understand the game. However, this tutorial was below par. -After running through the tutorial, I had to go back 3 more times to completely understand the point of the entire game. After running through the tutorial, I found this game to be very difficult, here’s why:

When you hit the down button, I don’t expect the block to instantly fall down to the ground. I was expecting the block to fall gradually. The sudden drop of the block when I hit the down button, make this game frustrating. I am trying to beat the grey line so score points, but at the same time, I place the block in an unintended area of the grid. Also, the speed at which the grey line falls, is way too quick for my liking; even on easy mode.


This game was just not for me. I enjoy apps that I can pick up, play and have a good time. I picked this app up, I played it, I didn’t have a good time. Maybe some of my readers will have a better time than I did. At only $0.99, try it out. It’s not going to put a hole in your wallet.

I give this game a 2.5/5 rating..

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