ArcheAge, The All In One MMO

Hey guys and gals today for you we have a run down and review of a game I’ve been waiting for forever…Archeage from Trion Worlds!

Archeage is the all in one MMO, it has everything from great and innovative combat, amazing stories, hell you can even save up enough money to buy your land and farm it or you can take to the high seas.  Whatever you want to do, you can do.

So, you have two main factions, the Nuian Alliance, which features the Nuians (Humans) and the Elves (no explanation needed) and the Haranya Alliance, which features the Firran (cat people) and the Harani (Humans).  So two human races, and two nonhuman. That’s ok though, because the game is still young, and they are already planning two new races coming soon, the Dwarves and the Warborn, one joining the NA and the other joining the HA.

archeage 1

While the races are limited even with those two added races, the class system more than makes up for it.  When you start  your adventure you pick your base skill set, then at level five you get to choose another one and then at level ten you pick yet another one to make your class complete.  So far I’ve chosen Shadowplay, which is an assassin and the Battlerager which is the barbarian.  I’m not sure what I want next though, if you have any idea leave me a comment.

I know that  there is farming somewhere in this game along with sea travel, but I am yet to do either of those things and I’m ok with that because I am beating the hell out of every bad guy I come across!  But the point I was going  make is that the mount system is freaking great.  You get the quest around level seven, or at least I did, and you go through a set of miniquests to make him grow up into your very own mount!  It’s awesome.

Now to go through some of the things I skimmed over.  The controls are very similar to other pretty much every other MMO and that is ok with me so it gets points for that.  The music is magnificent, I simply adore it, and the stories are top notch.  I really like the graphics and the art style, and even though I play on lowest settings it still looks great.  One of the issues that a few people will have is that you only have two character slots to start with and you have to pay to get more.  Yes the game does have microtransactions, but they don’t detract from the game.  Oh and one last little issue…the disconnect issue I seem to be having.  If I play at peak times after about an hour I will get DC’ed which is understandable, but still it sucks.

Overall this game is 100% worth the download even with the few issues it has.  Oh, and it’s free to play as is, unless you want to expand character slots or something of that nature.  I hope to see you here soon.

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