Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel PSN Demo Review

ArmyOfTwo3 The first two games in the series focuses on the mercenaries Salem and Rios, in this new title we are given two brand new heroes who simply go by the names Alpha and Bravo.  The premise of the game remains largely the same as the previous titles, 3rd person shooter team action game.  As always there is a big emphasis on team work here.  Its not just the simple run and gun, pick up your team mate if he goes down.  You are forced to use different tactics along the way to reach your goal.  For gamers who love their coop games (which includes myself) this is a clear winner for you.

From the start you get a really good feel for things to come, right away you are presented with the menu where you canArmy Two Devil's Cartel personalize both your masks and weaponry.  The demo will not let you change your mask however the full game will, to what extent I’m not sure as in it would be great if you could personalize it to the level that Black Ops allowed but we will see.  As the game progresses you earn cash, this cash can be spent on new items, guns and guns mods.  Even in a demo play through the amount you can pick up is more than enough to pimp out your current rifles and shot guns.  This ensures the longevity of the game, I found myself going back on again and again to play through this demo.  During the game you also find yourself thinking what load out works best for you.  You carry a minimum of three weapons, a primary, secondary and side arm.  All of which you can customize to your liking.  Doesn’t matter if  you’re a gunner, assaulter or sniper this game can provide for you.

army-of-two-the-devils-cartel-xbox-360-ps3-screenshots-10I would compare the graphics of Army of Two DC to that of Max Payne 3, in other words its awesome.  The sound track and sound effects of the game compliment the graphics really well.  You will find yourself losing in the game, intense battles in the game will make sure of that.  The game does constantly remind you that everything is a two man job.  You must either draw fire from your partner or ask him to be the bait while you flank your enemies.  This really is excellent, while run, gun and blow shit up can be awesome its nice to have a change of pace and work as a team (while of course still blowing shit up).

Ever since Battlefield 3 came onto the scene its all been about the frost bite engine, its been making games prettier and more enjoyable ever since.  Army of Two: Devils Cartel is no different,army of two EA’s frost bite engine makes this shooter rank right up there with the big boys in town.  This third installment to the series is the first game in the series to feature the frostbite engine 2, previous games ran the unreal engine 3.  The Frostbite 2 engine is really put to good use in this title, buildings fall apart as does your cover and as any gamer who has experienced the Army of Two series before will tell you.  Cover is essential.  Explosions are more real and graphic and therefore so is the game play, if someone shoots a rocket at you you’re in serious trouble.

Army of Two: Devils Cartel is an excellent team based shooter, not just run and gunning but real tactics have to be used here which is great.  You depend on your team mate to get through and visa versa.  A fantastic coop game and just as good playing solo, with all the available character customization’s available this game has a good life ahead of it.

A solid Rebel rating of 7 out of 10 for Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, a well presented shooter with excellent coop game play.

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