Black Ops Annihilation AT LAST Available For PS3 & PC

Although not without is launch issues (mainly to PS3) Call of duty Black Ops is one of the the if not THE most successful title of the whole franchise.  Billions, yes BILLIONS of hours hours have been clocked up since its launch last year and it shows no signs of slowing just yet.  However I must be honest, I am still a PS3 gamer.  Therefore I was more frustrated than entertained for the first few months.  No parties could join games, the game was action packed with connection issues.  So this delay seems a little like rubbing salt into the wound.  Activision never did apologise…

However, is all now forgotten?   Well, quite possibly.  Now that we PS3/PC gamers finally can get our sweaty mits on the Annihilation DLC today.  Best things come to those who wait? Bollocks, a month we have been waiting.  And for what?  Well whats done is done, no matter how many issues there were no one can deny how biblically awesome Black Ops is.  So heres what you have been waiting for:

Call of Duty: black Ops Annihilation DLC

The third and final DLC for Blops contains a total of four brand new map packs plus a totally fresh and shiny Zombies experience.  Hangar 18, this one is going to be right up my street.  You will fight your way through Black Ops’ Area 51 style map.  Fight though the experimental weapons lab and also the truly awesome and kinda freaky Autopsy room.  Sweet. Drive-In, heres your close quarters battle map for annihillation ladies and gents.

You think YOUR having a bad day?

True to the era in which Black ops is set you fight in a 1960’s drive through cinema.  Silo, this ones a big one.  Plenty of levels to keep you busy and hidden (if your into that you camping bastard) plus a super secret missile site.  Hazard, its set on a massive cliff side, you traverse onto a coastal golf course.  Just think of it as your local put put with machine guns.  its just fun for the whole family.  Shangri-La, brings you a whole new species of Zombie.  Underground caverns and teleporters taking you to far off and mythical lands.  You just cant go wrong.

“Annihilation delivers four of the best Black Ops multiplayer maps, and a mind blowing new Zombies experience with Shangri La,” said Treyarch Studio Head, Mark Lamia. “With Annihilation, fans are really going to have a lot of fun continuing to play Black Ops online for a long time to come.”

So there you have it, our time has come.  Get your wallets out and lets kick some Zombie ass!

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