BodyCount Demo Review

A recent edition to the PSN demo page is Codemasters title ‘BodyCount’.  Bodycount is a first person shooter centred around a former American soldier who now works for ‘Network’.  The game is not what I expected to see if the load up screens were anything to go by.  Seems the guy in charge of this part of the game has been watching a little too much Tron for his own good (download the demo and you will know what I mean).  The demo is based in West Africa, you take control of Jackson and play the part of one man army.  The story here is there is a Militia Warlord who needs his life removed as he is a very naughty boy.  However, the story is pretty weak if I’m being totally honest.  As you would expect from such FPS the story is there just as an excuse to pick up an AK47 and let rip.  You will notice that the graphics on offer here are not the best you have ever seen, but that’s not the be all and end all in this day and age.  One of the main features of this game is the environmental damage on offer, basically everything can be blown up or ‘shredded’ as its referred to in game.  This works very well in keeping the pace going in a fire fight, enemy hides or covers behind wall?  Blow up wall, job done.  BodyCount is one of those games which is totally unapologetic for its shortfalls.  Very much an old school arcade action game, story line is lacking and the voice over acting on the radio has something to be desired.  But so fucking what?  Its a FPS where pretty much everything can be blown up, its not going to win any awards but it will keep you entertained.  A few points I do have to make is that it does seem to try that little bit too hard to be an original FPS, such as when you nail a bad guy he will drop a handful of florescent goodies which when picked up give off sound effects taken right out of Pac Man, now was that completely necessary?  Apart from the massive explosions which have had glorious attention to detail right down to the splinters of wood flying through the air, the graphics do get more basic as the demo goes on.  For example when an enemy take a hit his whole body glows red with every shot.  Now I could give a squirt of piss of realism however thats taking it a little too far.  The graphics do apear quite obviously layered, some more time spent on this would have helped the game along allot.  The in game mini map does need some work, hard to read what’s going on so I wouldn’t rely on that one as you would in COD for example.  That and another slight nit pick is that you cant pick up enemies weapons including the massive boss weapon at the end of the first mission.  In short BodyCount is a flawed but by no means all bad game.  The environmental destruction, general game play and sound track alone are enough to keep you entertained.  It wont stand up next to the big boys by any stretch of the imagination but its defiantly good for a laugh.  BodyCount demo is quite a short one, perhaps for the reason of its short falls.  Codemasters dont want to give you too much time to work all those out.  BodyCount might be worth a punt for the right price but I don’t expect to see many reviews above 5 out of 10.  Until next time fellow gamers, Keep it Real Keep it Rebel.

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