Castlevania Lords Of Shadow Review

This was my first ever xbox game, and I’m very pleased with it. I simply loved it, as you go around and annihilate creatures with these powerful weapons that you can upgrade the moves on. As I mention in the video, the animation and graphics are superb. It felt more like I was playing a movie instead of a game. I was very well pleased overall with the game and highly recommended it to anyone wanting to tryout a new game and just recommend it in general. Oh did I mention you can stick a grenade up a goblins arse and he blows up? Well yes, you can and it’s quite hilarious to see it run around with smoke coming out of his arse till he blows up.

Now I want to go out and pretend I’m some bad ass dude with these weapons. (Don’t though as you will look like an ass) But I’ll probably end up making a video of me doing so anyway.

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Robert Sellig

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