Drive Real Fast & Blow Stuff Up! Sodium Salt Shooter Review

I stumbled across this little number while having a wonder around Playstation Home last night.  Best way I have found to describe this is as so; Think of a cross between Afterburner & Wipeout… With tanks!  Dont get me wrong, its not going to win any awards but it does tick all the right boxes for a really ‘fun’ game.

Just off down the shops... with a 40mm Cannon

As a demo you are given the chance to blast through the first 5 levels of the game. This consists of waves of enemys needing to be blow to pieces for no reason other than you have a nice big gun.  Your war tool is a futuristic ‘hovercraft’ with mounted guns, missile launchers and other assorted toys.

As your missions go on you find all the classic ingredients to a good old fasioned video game, you blow up a baddie he drops a prize.  Either ammo or health, but also weapon upgrades for your tank.  At the end of each mission you can upgrade you hovertank, change the guns & missiles.  Make it more formidable, you can even pay a little extra (in real money) for extra ‘bend over and take this like a bitch’ weaponry.  The graphics are far from top of the line, but more than good enough for whats needed here.

In the main menu you can fiddle about with the following;

  • Thrusters
  • Guns
  • Missiles
  • Afterburner
  • Upgrades

Change your weapon layout & add new ones.  During the game you will find the controls nice and easy.  The sound track is very well suited and as long as you like going real fast and blowing shit up this is going to give you some fun times.  To be totally honest I didnt expect this game to be one I would revisit or even commit a decent amount of time with.  However (and I know its a bold statement) but I have not played a more adictive game since super bomber man 2!

The full game will only set you back £3.99 so it wont break the bank and if your in the mood for a shooter that needs very little thought and great feelings of reward then hey. why not?

If your into Playstation Home then the added bonus is that you get yourself some new gear to wear where ever you go.

This is a great bit of fun, doesnt try to be something its not and as always… Great fun for the whole family.  Well maybe not the whole family as the only draw back is its not mutiplayer, but thats all I can find wrong that matters here.

Get yourselves over to Playstation Home and have a blast in a tank for a while in this great little shoot em up…. In a tank.

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