FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Review

The ever so popular FIFA franchise is back once again and it’s better than ever, most notably “FIFA Ultimate Team”.  Ultimate Team is exactly what the title refers to. You try your hardest to build your version of what an ultimate team would be.  Instead of rambling on about how it works I’ll just leave a link at the bottom that explains all the details about it.  What I’ll be focusing on his how it’s improved, recessed, and just overall feedback about it.

Here were some big improvements made in this year’s game. Most notably, something new to the game this year is “Chemistry Styles”. Chemistry Styles are cards that you apply to players to boost them in certain stats that might help them out . For example,  if you have a Marco Reus Left Mid card you might want to put the engine chemistry style on him to boost his pace, dribbling, and passing ratings by two points.  I personally think this is a really cool idea and it can really bring about some creative ways to use players. As well, the transfer market is a lot cleaner and easy to navigate.  You have the ability to switch right between players, consumables, club items, and staff right on the opening window of the the transfer market now. This makes navigation a lot easier and just the overall menu screen looks very simple.

Now here comes some negatives that might make you grind your teeth a little.  The game freezes, a lot.  I’d be lying to you if I told you it didn’t freeze on me everyday.  However,  there may be some rejoice with that.  Rumor has it that they are working on a patch to fix that so it could just be a temporary thing, but let me tell you nothing is more annoying trying to play someone online and the game freezing at the loading screen. Which brings me to my other point.  If you leave the game at any point after the loading screen starts you automatically get a loss now. Compared to previous FIFA’s when you had up until a few minutes in the game to quit.  This is bad due to the freezing problems as well as normal lag over the Internet.  More or less once you ready up to play against someone you’re stuck playing no matter what!  If you freeze out that’s a loss as well as a coin reduction.

Overall even with the few hiccups there are in the game I absolutely enjoy playing “FIFA Ultimate Team”.  It’s a great way to kill time as you’re constantly checking the market for players  that you hope drop in price to build your ultimate team.  It had great playability due to the fact that you have the option of changing your team whenever you want.  You never get tired of playing with the same players over and over again.  I’d give FIFA 14 Ultimate Team a 4.5/5, and it continues it’s dominance as the number one sports game on the market right now.

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