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camo retro gamers edge
camo retro gamers edge

I have never been a huge person in needing glasses to game, until putting in 40 plus hours in front of a monitor and then 30 plus in front of that same monitor gaming left me with a lot of headaches and as well grouchy eyes! I decided to try to invest in some gaming glasses but to be honest, a gaming Mom of 5 kids on a budget could really not afford some of the higher priced brands out there. As most Moms would say, “Its okay I will do without”

Then I was introduced to Gamers Edge Eyewear, and they are considerably much cheaper then brands out there on the market and boast the same eye saving experience. So I decided to give them a try. I was fortunate enough to receive the Vintage Camo  glasses for review. I figured being so cheap they would feel cheap as well. I am frugal Mom and I tend to really like to find value for my purchases but wont scrimp if it means the quality will be decreased. This I did not find with the Vintage Camo Gaming glasses. They are well made and have a retro look I personally love, they are made really well. So I figured I would wear them one week, while I worked on the computer, and gamed, and be diligent about it.

The first day I used them I spent approximately 10 hours on the computer doing work and then that night I gamed apx 6 hours, so 16 hours were spent in front of the monitor and I must say there was a definite difference in the way I gamed, and I will tell you why! I noticed I wasn’t squinting as much. A lot of times when on the computer working or gaming I will squint to almost clear my eyes, or do a refresh  of my eyes to get a better look of view and I did not do that while I was wearing the glasses.

Most nights when I had been on the computer a long time I would take 2 aspirin right before a long gaming session to avoid, or try to avoid the headache I would usually get by the early morning hours. The first night of wearing my Vintage Camo glasses I decided to not take the aspirin and by 3 am I did not need them, honestly I was shocked.

After the first night of gaming with these glasses I was sold. For me I thought this is really awesome, but even better they are affordable! Most of the glasses on the site are in the range of 40 dollars, YES 40 dollars! This leaves you with so much more money to spend on your games! The other plus of this is that I can afford these for my entire family. Children spend a majority of their time in front of a screen, at school and at home, Their eye health care is so important, and as a parent this is a concern. Now I know at home at least their eyes will be protected when using the computer and gaming.

Not only do they sell amazing affordable gaming glasses, they sell readers, glasses just for PC reading and as well Invisionwear, glasses to be used with your digital devices. I loved the review glasses they sent me so much I went a purchased the readers on their site, which come in a 4 pack, and with cases!

As a parent that games, this is such a good value for you and your gaming family.

I fell in love with the brand so much, I got in touch with them and asked them how I could help spread the word about these amazing affordable gaming glasses, and well I am now an official Brand Ambassador for Gamers Edge glasses! Use code IRGRL for 20% savings on checkout! Check out this link for more awesome gaming glasses by Gamers Edge VC Eyewear

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