Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Marvel Studios’ latest entry into its cinematic universe did not disappoint. Guardians of the Galaxy led the audience into a new Guardians-of-the-Galaxy1side of Marvel – this time not based on Earth but out in the cosmos as a whole.

The movie surprised me with its very human scenes to its fun action sequences filled with beautiful bravado and visual effects. It’s clear that Disney/Marvel spared no expense making the details of this comic book fantasy appear real and fun to immerse yourself in.

Some have said that Marvel took a huge risk in making this movie. It’s unclear if that is the case, but it doesn’t matter because the risk paid off. With incredible writing and some surprise performances, this blockbuster turned out to be both fun as well as heartwarming to watch.

The movie follows the lead character Starlord played by Chris Pratt, as he flies around the Galaxy in his ship, the Milano (an 80s reference to Alyssa Milano a character on Who’s the Boss? that he had a crush on as a boy) raiding tombs on distant worlds and trying to make his way in a universe filled with villains and bullies. Upon finding a mysterious Orb, he then finds himself surrounded by many others who seek the Orb also – including his future companions – Rocket, Groot, Gamora and Drax. Though some just want him, others want the Orb for themselves.

As the Guardians get tangled up in various ways, they form both fun and intimate bonds of friendship – some of which is individual, with a splendid display of humor. In fact some of the funniest scenes were by Dave Bautista’s character Drax ; a character that had next to no screen time in the trailer, surprises and delights at complete opportune moments.

Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel’s characters play off each other wonderfully actually showing the audience their personalities and comradery even in a few touching scenes.

guardians-galaxy-movie-previewAlmost as a background to the characters themselves: the visual effects. The movie is absolutely stunning, including one of the best fleet starfighter scenes in a film probably since Return of the Jedi , great sound editing and James Gunn’s direction helps to draw you in and enjoy the ride that is this amazing film.

The movie also has its share of Easter Eggs about the Infinity stones that Marvel grand villain, Thanos is after and several other nuggets if you pay attention. Later on I will post a small spoilers post about some of the scenes in Guardians and how it relates to future projects coming in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Easily the best blockbuster of the summer and probably the year (caveat being the last Hobbit movie), this is a must see film for all ages and worth a repeat viewing.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is slated from sometime in 2017, Avengers: Age of Ultron is up in May 2016.

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