Horizon Review

Horizon is a new 4x space based game by L3O Interactive. It was originally an Early Access game on steam last year. February 6th the game exited the beta stage and a release version was launched. There are seven different playable alien races in this game. Each of these races has their own strengths and weaknesses. There are two main aspects to the game, colonize and attack.


Once you start you are on your own little planet and have to expand from there. You have scouts or other ships jump to different galaxies and explore. See a planet you can colonize? Drop a colony on there.There is no real management of colonies, just build the improvements up (don’t have to specialize in just one type). They will quickly start turning a profit. After all the improvements are done, only thing to do on that colony is make ships. It is very simplistic. So you must be thinking combat must be the main focus…well think again.

horizon_battle Horizon has four different classes of ships. Small which includes the scout ships, medium that has transporters, bomber and colonizer Scout, large grouping is the cruiser, and to finish it off there is huge which are motherships. Each of these ships can be customized to a bit, a lacking area in my opinion. During combat, the AI just rushes at you guns blazing it seems. Each ship goes on their own turn which seems like a random order. Moving your ships is a little awkward and annoying. From what I could tell there is no each way to just have your ship make a 180 degree turn. For just one ship it took me about 7 turns just to be able to face the enemy correctly. An auto button does exist and computer just goes at it for you. Combat is kind of lacking.

The graphics for this game are that of a game from the late 80’s or maybe early 90’s. The game is getting a patch every day or so. While it is good that they are doing improvements and bug fixes, there shouldn’t be this many this often. Just proves this is an unfinished game. The game does have the ability to become good but I think it needs time.

Stream link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/236130

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