Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

What’s up fellow Rebels.  I’m going to break away from tradition for a while here, take a break from my usual cheery self and really just rant about something that’s really been grinding my shit for as long as I can remember.

I am thankfully part of the generation which grew up with phenomenal movies and games which were spawned from the best possible ingredient.  A fantastic idea for a story.  Think about it though! Robocop, The Terminator, Predator, Aliens & Star Wars.  These are awesome movies not just because of budgets, actors, sets and all that.  They all started with a great idea for a story.  Not only with movies though, video games too!  There are some absolute works of genius out there, some real classics.  Zelda, Mario, Sonic, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, Doom, Gears of War and thousands more!  These are the reasons I fell in love with sci fi, with movies in general and of course with gaming.  I grew up with these titles, watched and played them over and over.  Until they were not just games, but a part of what makes me… Me.  Sorry if that’s going a little too deep but fuck it man, its the truth.

So my question is this.  Just when in the blue fuck did we all simply run out of good ideas?  When did that happen?  When did we trade in great and unique stories for massive special effects budgets?  And exactly when did we all decide that, screw it we know its a classic and totally untouchable but lets mess with it anyway for a quick buck.  I’m talking about god damned Reboots!  Man I hate them so much I can feel the rage building every time I hear about another one.  Lets be clear though, I’m not talking about squeals or prequels (although they are usually dog shit too).  I’m talking about the pointless reboots which have no business existing whatsoever.

It’s almost every day now that I hear that another studio is planning on raping classic franchise with some money grabbing bullshit which doesn’t hold a candle in any way, shape or form to the original.  Now don’t get me wrong, I accept that some times a reboot works.  Not always because a game or movie it sucked so bad (sometimes it is thought).  But it can be because technology has come so far that the story can be told better, be more pleasing to the beholder.  But that doesn’t happen very often.  I’m talking about real sacred classics that are perfect as they are and don’t need to be pulled through the dirt via some dipshit studio flogging a cash cow.

Join me in my rage at just a few of the Reboots which bring on the rage, some of these are already out there right now!  The Crow, Flight of the Navigator, Ghostbusters, Godzilla, Highlander, Conan, Gremlins, It, Drop Dead Fred, Honey I shrunk the kids, Bill and Teds Excellent adventure, teenage mutant Hero Turtles, Scar face, The Goonies… And its of course not just our movies having the ‘totally unnecessary reboot’ treatment; Golden Axe, Sonic the hedgehog, Duke Nukem forever (just a great job on that one…), Bomberman: Act Zer0, Rayman, Twisted Metal, Zelda, Metroid Other M, Wolfenstein…

Where have the people with the ideas gone?  Why must the games I know and love keep getting this treatment!

What do you think?  Are you happy with the games and movies you know and love be ‘redone’ just to make some fast cash?

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Barrie Matthews

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