JINX and Blizzard Release Fresh Overwatch Apparel

OverwatchBlizzard and Jinx Inc.  has released brand-new officially licensed Overwatch men and women’s apparel, available now at JINX.com. What better way to celebrate the game’s one-year anniversary than to don some stylish performance enhancing Overwatch gear? This is the ultimate expression of fandom! And there is more to come…

A sleek Overwatch windbreaker, performance shorts and jerseys, and two types of comfy lounge pants were recently released, and today a toasty new scarf and killer Reaper crew neck fleece sweatshirt became available. In addition, a broad line of ultimate zip-up hoodies will be available soon, priced at $59.99 apiece, each showcasing heroes from the game. The D.Va hoodies come out in July, while the Genji, Lucio, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Widowmaker and Zarya hoodies hit in September, with additional characters coming in the future. Our ultimate is charging…and nearly ready!

The direct links to buy each item on JINX.com are listed below:

Reaper Crew Neck Fleece: https://www.jinx.com/p/overwatch_reaper_pullover_hoodie.html

Logo Scarf: https://www.jinx.com/p/overwatch_logo_scarf.html

Logo Lounge Pants: https://www.jinx.com/p/overwatch_logo_lounge_pants.html

Inset Lounge Pants: https://www.jinx.com/p/overwatch_inset_lounge_pants.html

Performance Jersey: https://www.jinx.com/p/overwatch_performance_jersey.html

Performance Shorts: https://www.jinx.com/p/overwatch_performance_shorts.html

Logo Windbreaker: https://www.jinx.com/p/overwatch_logo_windbreaker.html

“We’ve been working with Blizzard for over 10 years, being fanboys and fangirls for long before that. The J!NX crew has been deep into Overwatch since beta, so these new hoodies are a love letter to our favorite characters,” said Sean Gailey, co-founder of J!NX.

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