Lost in Night Review

Lost in nightHello boys and girls  today we have yet another wonderful little game called Lost in Night. This game has plenty of  features and although I can’t touch on all of them but I’ll give you the lowdown on the goodies as best I can.
Ok, so you open the game and you are greeted with six game modes, but only ‘swap’ is available at first, and that was fine with me! The swap mode is similar to a game featuring jewels that get swapped around, except this is so much better! You have power-ups, and you even have to get certain swaps to finish out the level with a good score. The graphics are really neat as well. Instead of simple jewels you have anything from tiki masks to bugs and anything in between. Also a huge thing for me was the ability to go from a standard square board to a hexagon board or even mix the two. Really good stuff.

The next mode I’d like to talk about is called Snail Blitz. Where you choose a snail to win a race. And you even bet your coins from the games you’ve completed and can win more. The snails are cute and it’s just all in all really fun. The overall objective is to build a little town by buying the things needed to make the town and upgrading them with the coins you earn. With virtually no drawbacks other than the fact I only have the demo, this game is loads of fun for something that maybe you are not used too.  When I get a few spare dollars I will be buying this game, make no mistake. This game is for the PC and is as well available on Mac. You can try out the demo and purchase it HERE

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