Madcatz F.P.S. Pro Controller Review

FPSProWiredI am the type of person when I get comfortable with something, I kind of stick with it. I was probably one of the last people to stop using I.E. even with the bugs I continued to use it out of being comfortable with it, finally changing about a year after everyone had stopped using it. This holds true for me with gaming. I may not be the best gamer, but I am competitive and feel that any change in my game play, will ruin me.

When I had changed from the PS3 to the Xbox, I complained for weeks that the controller was too big and bulky, the button layout was awkward and I griped a lot about it. A dev for Black Ops who games more on PS3 then anything told me that the Xbox controller was a better design controller by far then the PS3, and I should just get used to it. And I did.

So here I am all comfy, very settled into my controller and I get the F.P.S Pro  sent to me by MadCatz. Now it looks the same, bit more streamlined then the regular Xbox controller, with a few special features.  I will admit, I did not even use it that night!  I was so worried it would affect my gaming performance in a negative way with my Battlefield team I figured I would try it during the day when I new none of them were on. That was far from the truth.

Let me tell you about some of the cool features the F.P.S Pro controller has. On fps pro gripsboth sides there is rubber gripping, I really liked this addition as I find myself wiping my hands on my pant legs when gaming for a few hours. I often would feel my hand slipping with the regular Xbox controller, I have not done this since using the FPS Pro. The D Pad is a bit bigger and sits lower, or more flush with the controller itself, this did not affect any of my gaming at all, and probably in fact made it easier to access finger wise.  The Start and Back buttons on the FPS Pro are almost flush with the controller as well, instead of buttons you have bars. The X,Y,B,A buttons are not changed.

What is probably a very selling feature for a lot of gamers (who are not pro) are fps pro light up the analog sticks on the controller and the LED lights that let them shine. They light up in red, blue or yellow and can be changed easily from under the controller to suit your gaming mood, I personally often game in red.

Now to get to probably one of the coolest features of this controller. When you turn the controller over you have Combat buttons. Located where your ring fingers sit on the controller are large buttons. They can be used without having to move your hand off your controller in any way. There is a little switch as well that lets you remap your controller on the fly. As i FPSProUndertold you before, Im a stickler for comfort, and the remapping and use of the combat buttons have not come into play for me as of yet.

The quick fire buttons, LB,RB, LT, RT sit a bit more closer together, and were easier for me to access. When I have my index fingers on the LB, RB buttons for the FPS Pro, my fingers actually hang over the buttons a bit, making it easier and quicker to get to the LT, RT buttons.  When using the regular Xbox controller  the tip of my fingers just sit in the LB, RB buttons.

I never really thought a controller could make a difference, but the analog sticks move faster and smoother in my game play, the design of the controller makes it easier for me hit buttons quicker, making my game play much better. All of my game play with this controller was done on Battlefield and I did find it just better gaming period. I will not be going back to using a regular controller after using the FPS Pro, guess I am just a stickler for comfortable ^ ^

On a scale of 1 to 10 I give the Madcatz F.P.S. Pro a 10. There is no way you can go wrong with this controller.



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Stephanie Vivian

CEO and Editor in Chief for Rebel Gaming @Irgrl on twitter

6 thoughts on “Madcatz F.P.S. Pro Controller Review

  • March 23, 2012 at 2:22 PM

    For the PS3 they do have them wireless, dont know why they never did it with xbox, BUT the cord is about 6 feet long, I have never had an issue tbh.

    was def surprised by the difference in my gaming tho

    • March 23, 2012 at 3:02 PM

      My issue with wire is that I normally forget about it being across my room and trip.

      • March 23, 2012 at 3:04 PM

        my bad then, I will have to look it over again, usually am on top of that as well. And did you know though that the wire for the controller is so long it doubled at a double dutch jump roping tournament … js

  • March 23, 2012 at 10:09 PM

    That just looks like it’s made for Battle, but like Seigu I could never go back to a Wire Controller but if they went wireless I would really look into it. So far my controller count is eight (six 360 and two PS) reason for so many is I have three 360’s

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