Medal of Honor: Warfighter BETA Multiplayer Review

My ears are still ringing from the all nighter I pulled on MOH Warfighter BETA, that’s the first thing you will notice about this shooter is that if you close your eyes and crank up the volume you really will feel like your in the middle of a fucking war zone No kidding!  EA & Danger close have pulled out all the stops to make this shooter sound fully epic awesome.  MOHWF will really put your surround sound to the test and piss off the neighbors in the process, it sounds exponentially good.  Even without a full surround sound system, a decent pair of headphones will give the same effect. Our CEO would recommended Trittons where as I would recommend Sennheiser RS series but that’s only because I like to hear whats happening all around me. 🙂

The visuals even for a Beta are pretty decent, OK there are still some small adjustments to be made here and there but that’s to be expected.  Once this shooter sucks you in I guarantee that this will be your go to shooter for the season.  Its packed with awesome features and options to personalize your soldier and equipment making this game even more addictive as you move along.   In the Beta demo your home screen consists of lobby options, find game, my soldier, my gun, platoon and your stats & game options.  As you rank up you will be notified that there are now more options to choose from in each section.  You can further personalize your weapon, giving it a more aggressive barrel or magazine or even a brand new paint job with hundreds to choose from.  You can even unlock more soldiers from other nations, such as the Heavy gunner SAS soldier (which of course are the hardest breed of soldier) and so on.  In this Beta alone I’m quite confident in saying that this shooter has more customization options than dare I say it, Black ops.

MOHWF incorporates a fantastic buddy system for the multiplayer aspect (at least it does for the play mode on the beta).  Similar to the setup of Battlefield 3 you join the game either in a pre-chosen fire team or you are simply put into one during match making.  As you will soon find out its best to stick with your buddy during game play, work as a team and the job at hand becomes that much easier.  You are shown on the map where your buddy is at all times and even when your taken out your given the choice to either spawn behind your buddy to support or to fall back into a safe zone to make your way back into the fight.  With most shooter buddy games you cannot re-spawn on your buddy if they are having their ass handed to them.  I guess the reason for this is to not give you an unfair (unrealistic) advantage over your enemy.  Another new feature which I personally love is the new in game mapping system that’s been introduced.  Basically during the game your teams mates will be outlined in green, while the other side are outlined in red – the bad guys can also been seen (at least their outline can) through walls when they are close by.  This really does well to keep the action going, same principal as making the goal larger in premiership football games as this should encourage more goals!

Medal of Honor: Warfighter has thrown so many sweet features back into the mix that I have missed for far too long in recent shooters.  Such as the slow mo Kill Cam, this is truly awesome.  especially with the epic sound of this game, in slow mo bullets flying past in glorious surround sound make even taking a bullet a wonderful experience.  During the game don’t be surprised to see a black hawk helicopter dropping off new soldiers in the middle of the map, you too can be spawned in the Black hawk back into the action.  Its things like this that really keep the action going here, plus lets not forget the fire support actions available.  Everything from guided missiles, mortar drops and even smoke cover is available to drop on the heads of the bad guys.  Plus lets not forget the brand new Raven feature which is basically a hand thrown airplane with a freaking bomb attached!  How awesome is that?  EA and Danger close have created one of those shooters where its just so satisfying to score a kill, you want more and more.  In summary MOHWF is a game that looks and sounds great but knows its a video game, in a good way.  It plays and feels just like a fully awesome video game and the benefit of that is completely addictive game play.

If you haven’t already, get your ass onto XBL and get your copy of the beta for free.  Its more than worth while!

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