Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor The Bright Lord Review

the bright lord 3Now there has never been a doubt in my mind that Shadow of Mordor is weapons grade awesome.  It ticks all the right boxes, presses all the right buttons and serves up a fantastic, dynamic and truly immersive  game play experience.  However, like any game/story like this when the credits role we still had some unanswered questions.  That’s where the DLC comes in my friends.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor The Bright Lord DLC tells the back story of Celebrimbor.  Why he is the way he is, what happened before the events of Shadow of Mordor and gives a better insight into the power of the one ring.  The events of The Bright Lord took place when Sauron was king ding a ling, more powerful than ever and with the patience of a death row inmate who is on fire.

It’s all about power here, Celebrimbor now has the ring and he plans to take down Sauron and his army single handed.  Well kind of.  Branding the the bright lord 5enemy and getting them on your side of the fight is key here.  The fighting style is very similar to that of the main game, however Celebrimbor is far more nimble and stealthy.  It’s not so much about the hack and slash as the main game is.  It’s about tactics and the long game.  Right from the off its very clear that Celebrimbor is pissed, real pissed.  He and his family have just been deceived and murdered by Sauron who tricked him into forging the ring of power.  Celebrimbor just isn’t having it and set about taking control of Saurons army, kicking ass and taking names.

Towards the end of the main game, I did feel like I’ve seen that Uruk before…  Just with a different hat.  That’s something that was thankfully taken care of this time around.  Brand new Uruk’s to play with, may seem like a small thing but its great to see a developer taking the time to get a great game out there and not just recycling used material.  Celebrimbors fighting style does add a lot from the main game, keeps the DLC very fresh a playable even if like me you have racked up over 300 hrs of game play in Mordor.  But this of course is just a tiny piece of the work that has gone into this DLC.  You must take Celebrimbor on a quest to rule all of mordor, one war chief at a time.  To begin with you would be forgiven for thinking that this is going to be a very repetitive game from beginning to end.  Yes you must dominate 5 war chiefs one after the other, that much is true.  But this game does manage to mix up every mission.  And you do have the option to take on a good number of side quests.  All of which add to the main game by increasing your powers in battle.

the bright lordThe main difference between the main game and this DLC campaign is the ability to summon the power of the ring, albeit temporarily it makes you basically invulnerable to attacks from any foe.  But best of all, while you have taken on the power of the ring you get unlimited death moves.  You wont get a clean kill on a captain or a war chief but they will take plenty of damage.  Once you are used to the new play style compared to the main game this one is a fun ride.  More Uruks, more gruesome finishing moves, new play style and a Sauron that would take Godzilla and king kong in an advert break.  Whats not to like?

The Bright Lord fills in the missing pieces left from the main game.  Gives a fantastic insight into just how evil a place Mordor really is and how the bright lord 2easily the greatest heros can be pulled into temptation of power and evil.  Basically its bad, really bad.  But of course The Bright Lord tells it far better than I have.  Similarly to the feeling of sitting down to watch Titanic for the first time, you know how this tale is going to end but its a great ride all the same.  After spending so much time in Mordor it was actually a great change of pace to lose a fight for once.  To have to build up a character again.  The Bright Lord really does rekindle my love for Mordor all over again, brings new challenges and enemies to the table.  The back story of Celebrimbor is deeper than you would first think from the main game.  Plus there is a surprise waiting for you after the main game.  Ever wonder why Sauron wheres that mask non stop?

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