Miner Wars 2081 – Free gifts from the developers

Developers at Keen Software House have begun a new tradition – releasing pieces of Miner Wars 2081 source code, programmer documentation, revolutionary algorithms, audio files, models, textures, shaders, snippets of the game design document and myriad other points of interest to developers in the community – for free!

Presenting: Keen Auto Updater and Keen Star Background!

These applications will be free to use, with full source code, registered under public domain license. We expect that people will share this code on source code repository servers and begin collaborating. Or simply use for their own enjoyment!

Keen Auto Updater:a customizable tool which allows the automatic updating of a pre-installed program.

Keen Star Background: a construction and rendering tool for creating backgrounds for 3D applications (aka sky-sphere or sky-cube). Giving out assets will be a new tradition at Keen Software House, because we’re lovely and cuddly and want you all to be happy.

No not really, it’s just because Marek Rosa (CEO) wants us to, and whatever he says goes. No really, one time a programmer tried to stand up to him, and he was bludgeoned to death with a keyboard – he was only 8.

Please send help, this company run as a Dickensian workshop labored by orphans. Orphans with diseases. I’m writing this email to you now as a one-armed, 11-year old boy named “Timmy-27” (he doesn’t bother with proper names anymore).

The money you and government send helps, but mostly the money is spent funding Marek’s ‘Death-Ray’.

I wish I could see the sun again, just one more time. It’s so cold.
And please, download the applications. Marek is threatening to take my other arm away soon 🙁

On a happier note: we’d like to know what you’d like from us!
Are audio files important to you? Or perhaps models and shaders are more your thing? Let us know on the forums and we’ll do our best to meet our fans’ needs.

Finally, the staff at Keen Software House want to wish you all a very merry Christmas; from the lowliest programmer, to the most handsome and radiant writer (Richard Waldron, I think we all agree). And most of all, a special thanks to all the dying orphans out there whose low labor cost made this game possible!


– Every Saturday, members of the Miner Wars 2081 development hold meetings for live feedback from the community.
Details here: http://www.minerwars.com/ForumTopic.aspx?id=1221

– Keen Software House is looking for feedback on a new “catchphrase” for the game (no… more… Schwarzenegger…).
Details here: http://www.minerwars.com/ForumTopic.aspx?id=1274


The game is still available for a 70% discount. This package includes free access to the current build, and free updates to the engine until the final stages of production.
To take advantage of this offer while it’s still hot, visit the Miner Wars store:http://www.minerwars.com/Store/

Don’t forget, if you’re strapped for cash, there are plenty of ways to earn a free copy of the game:

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