MOH Warfighter Review: The Only One Worth Reading


I loved the beta for this title, even though it was only one map it still managed to keep me pinned to the screen for a good few hours at a time.  When I got the chance to get my hands on the full game I wasted no time, I was not disappointed… (for the most part).  Its pretty clear from the start that EA have pointed this game to the multiplayer aspect more than anything else.  Which of course is fine, I mean your not going to play the campaign over and over are you.  But I still would have expected a little more focus on the story etc going by the over the top commercials showing the life and times of Preacher.  Now don’t get me wrong, Medal of Honor Warfighter has moments of absolute clarity and beauty with regard to game visuals.  Other times it can seem a little half hearted, but to be honest I can deal with that as long as the title makes up for this in other areas.  Thankfully this game does just that, throughout the vast majority of this title you will be welcomed with unparalleled realism, the MOH franchise truly is the experienced gamers COD.  If your a runner gunner, your not going to get very far in this title.  Your every move has to be well thought out, in cover and as a team.  As the foundations of the characters were built up very strongly in Tier One you immediately feel a sense of kingship with the team, this takes the actual story of MOHW to another level.  This if nothing else will keep you battling through the main campaign and when those moments of fantastic realism and clarity kick in it will be worth the time you put in.

The campaign game play is both focused on the first person shooter aspect which we all came for, but also a great amount of variation is built into the title.  Of course there are the varied gun battles across numerous maps including the ever faithful ‘night vision mode’ (who doesn’t love that right?) but also you get to take the helm with vehicles such as desert jeeps, semi sports cars, speed boats both driving and operating the gun.  Plus of course the always fantastic ride on the helicopter in control of the mini gun.  The car chase sections, yeah that’s right… Car chase sections are nothing less than a work of pure genius.  I cant get enough of them, its fast paced and requires violent driving skills which is just my cup of tea in gaming.  The driving portion of the game is I’m sure everything the recent Need for Speed games wished they were.  In short the variation of game play has not been added in as an after thought, they all look and feel fantastic.  Another awesome feature of this title is the sound itself, as with all MOH games great care and attention has been taken to ensure that this game will sound like you are actually on the battle field, orders being yelled at you and bullets flying past your ears.  If I were to find anything derogatory about this title it would have to be the dodgy AI in place, particularly with the enemies.  If you take a less than obvious route you will be able to sneak up on pretty much all of your foes without really skipping a beat.  Gamers after a challenge will find this frustrating as I did.  My main concern is that Medal of Honor although very strong in its multiplayer aspects does feel that it falls short somehow in the campaign.  With Black Ops 2 right around the corner will Medal of Honor Warfighter slip into obscurity way before its time?  I really hope not as this is a very strong title but is it strong enough?


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