Nascar: Inside Line


With this being the first Nascar game I have ever played I really like it.  As soon as you put the disc into the console you hear the engines revving, and tires squealing. This game is very complex with many different playing options, and cool features that were added to the game this year. NASCAR The Game is available for Xbox360, Wii, Ps3, and SRP. This review will be broken into five different parts. The first part will consist of the game’s new features; such as Moments to Relive, Moments to Rewrite and many other cool features. The second section will be the graphics that are within the game. Third, will be the control layout and how well it works when either having to speed up to catch another driver or slam on your breaks to try to avoid a crash. forth, will be the gameplay and finally is  the NEW DLC
Let’s get started!

What makes this game very unique are all the features that come with it. The biggest feature of this game are DLC’s. After every race that takes place in real life, you will be able to download that race and be able to race on it. Along with being able to pick which driver you want to play with and start in their pole position just like the real driver did and race to the finish. This is called Moments to Relive. For people who don’t like to buy the DLC’s they have career mode. This happens to be one of my favorite parts of the game. In career mode it puts players into the life of a Nascar driver.You have to practice, qualify, and race. And of course you have to earn points and work your way up in hopes to make The Chase and win the Nascar Sprint Cup. In career mode you also have to change your tire pressure. Ensuring that you can make those turns that are at the end of the track. This goes to show how much time and effort the makers put into this game. The final neat feature is Moments to Rewrite. This reminds me of Madden Moments for any of you Madden Fans. This allows fans to change the outcome of a race having to go threw various events.

2. Graphics
Let me start out by saying the Graphics for this game are STELLAR!! From being able to read all the sponsors on the cars, to the smoke coming form the exhaust this game is very detailed. If you get into an accident you WILL see the scrapes on the car or the dent on the hood.
When flying around the track it is hard to see the fans, however when you are doing a victory lap or cheering after the race. The fans become noticeable. And when you do see them they are also very detailed. When you go into the pit to have your car tuned up that also is very realistic. I have nothing else to say about the graphics and I have no complaints.

3. Controls- Control layout
To me this is very important when playing video games. you don’t want the controls to be too easy or have them be to hard especially when you are racing around a track at 200mph. This game I feel does a good job at it. And with the game being as it is you have to know when to begin to brake and when to accelerate. The right trigger is used to accelerate and the left is used to brake. It is all about timing. The left analog stick is very sensitive and used to move your car left and right. The right analog stick is to be able to look behind you. The “Y” button lets you check the temperature of the car, your tires, and the condition of your brakes.

4.  The Gameplay
With all this being said the gameplay is truly awesome and very life like. This game offers Multiplayer where you can play with up to sixteen people, and split screen. Also, While your driving you can hear the pit crew talk to you about what your next move should be. Which is helpful so you don’t get into car accidents. This is called spotter feedback.
With this as I said being my first Nascar game and my first review I really did like this game. It is very competitive and entertaining. The only downfall to this game are the trolls. Yes there are trolls in this game. If you are playing someone one on one online. They will try to get you mad by constantly crashing into you and getting you upset but just keep your cool and race on. That is why I joined a league. Nascar has what is like a franchise mode where you and your friends can all race in a league and keep track of your stats and points. As I said before this is a very fun game and will make you want to play for hours at a time. This will be hard to beat!

5. The final piece of the review- The DLC’s

Let me start of by saying this is very cool and very well done. The DLC’s come out every week after a race is completed in real life. This is where the moments to relive and rewrite come into play. The pack includes different scenarios  and different objects that players try to complete. For example:

Subway Fresh Fit 500 Pack

Take to the track in the Subway Fresh Fit 500 and aid Montoya in trying to take back his spot at the front of the pack, fight off all the other drivers as Mark Martin snatch second place from the 48 as Denny Hamlin.

Daytona 500 Pack

Take part in the 2013 Daytona 500 make history with Danica Patrick by leading the pack and steal Jimmies thunder by taking Dale Jr. to victory lane.

Those are just two examples of what you have to do in the map packs. (I don’t want ruin more of the fun). These are not just easy objectives, you will try,try, and try again. It keeps you wanting to play more and more.  Along with the map packs the all new set of Gen 6 paint schemes are available for purchase for all 43 drivers that are in the game. This will keep you playing for hours at time and you will be looking forward to every race knowing that you will be able to play it shortly after. For Nascar this will be hard game to beat!



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