Nightmares from the Deep™: The Siren’s Call Review

Nightmares-From-The-Deep-The-Siren-menuIf you love your time killing puzzle games, your deep sea adventures, mermaids, giant squids and towns folk who turn into freaky fish people.  Then, this might be the title you have been looking for.  Nightmares from the Deep™: The Siren’s Call is an IOS puzzle game that will defiantly hold your attention.  This one is actually a squeal and it doesn’t disappoint.

For an IOS puzzle game its actually a lot more attractive that I was expecting, the graphics are not going to win any awards but come on credit where credits due.  It does a decent job of setting the mood you would expect from such a game.  Mysterious threats from the Ocean, secret objects and frustrating mini games (frustrating in a good way) are what lies ahead to any who dare to come aboard (see what I did there).

You take control of Sarah Black, who comes into possession of a package containing a strange artifact which holds the key to turning the tide on evil forces at work in this sea side town.  The story for this game is not bad, a little obvious in parts but all in all it does keep you playing.  There nightmares-from-the-deep-the-siren-screen1are plenty of plot twists to keep you interested throughout and when you do solve the puzzle sequences it is very rewarding.   Through the game you are going head to head with Davy Jones (you know, the guy with the locker) and the further into the game you get the freakier things become.  After the first few short levels, it becomes clear that the town of Kingsmouth is in serious trouble.  Seeing as most of the towns folk are transforming into fish men and all.

I myself and not a huge fan of heavy puzzle based games, however the way the game is designed makes it very easy to play on.  For example there is a constant offer of a ‘hint’ on screen at all times.  So if you get stuck for what you’re supposed to be doing this will help you along.  There is nothing more annoying than playing a title like this and not knowing what your supposed to be doing.  With every new area you reach, a new objective is presented.  This constantly keeps the game play nice and fresh.  The game itself is pretty clever at making you think its more complicated than it really is, to be honest its all about picking up items for your inventory and using them at the right times.  When you do come nightmares-from-the-deep-sirens-call001into contact with the towns people, the voice acting isn’t as upsetting as I honestly thought it would be.  I was expecting very stereo typical yo ho ho bullshit but there was none of that.  Again, its not going to win any awards but it does the job very well.

What you will find is that you do end up spinning a lot of plates at the same time, I often forgot what I was supposed to be doing and have to use the hint button more than I would have liked.  It was common for me to walk back into an area to say ‘Oh shit yeah, that’s what I was going to do’.  But I guess that’s a good thing as it shows there is plenty to do in this game.  If you decide to really get into this game and finish off all the mini games you will be at it for a while.  The more you complete, the more reward you feel for getting past a section and therefore the longer you will play.  After a few short minutes I did find myself strangely engrossed in this little IOS game, I honestly didn’t expect to be.  But with every new area and new items for my inventory I kept saying ‘oh shit I can use that for that and that for that thing I needed’ etc.  You constantly discover brand new secret locations and mini games, all of which reward you and help you along the way in the main campaign.

Freaky little monkeys, fish men, an evil towns mayor and more puzzles than you will know what to do with on a Sunday afternoon.  Its not an all out action game, but it is engrossing and challenging.  For an IOS game, pretty good for what it is.


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