No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise Demo Review

No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise is now available from PSN as a move Demo.  Originally brought to life by the Wii its about time us PS3 users got a nice taste of the action.  Now I know what your thinking already, Japanese game huh… Best get ready for some long winded cut scenes, NMHHP sticks rigidly to this format.  Which can get more than a little tedious as always but hey, this demo really doesn’t disappoint for some decent fun gameplay. Unlike some Move titles, there is no need for a towel, pints of water to replace lost fluids, loose clothing and a heart monitor.  In other words the game play has been thought out from the point of view of the gamer.  You wont find yourself having to jump around the room like a berk this time round (sports champions take note!).  Essentially NMHHP puts you in the shoes of a sword wielding assassin, yes you use the move controller to attack however not in the sense you expect.  Finishing moves are the only moves which need you to swing away with your move controller.  The rest of the time movement is controller with your navigation pad and attacking is done with your move button.  Which is a very welcome change to other similar move games.  In game you play the part of Travis Touchdown who rather than a sword uses his trusty ‘Beam Katana’  (I guess all the good laser sword names were already taken, thanks George Lucas).  The demo takes place in a huge mansion with bad guys very much like the crazy 88 (kill bill) all over the place.  Your mission is simple, kill lots of bad guys followed by the boss.  NMHHP offers a fantastic mix of right up to date graphics with classic blip blip blip blob graphics which really do work in making this an entertaining and colorful title.  It doesn’t take itself that seriously which is great as it adds to your enjoyment in game.  Its got all the right ingredients, power ups, special moves, awesome soundtrack and sound effects.There are a couple of negatives which I think need to be addressed, the already mentioned cut scenes are a pain in the padded ass.

Dude, we dont have time for this... I'll get you some tissues

But seeing as  Anime games have been this way for as long as I care to remember this is not  going to change anytime soon.  Movement is great during the fight sequences due to the button setup.  By holding down a particular button you can lock onto an opponent which lets you slice him up right nice.  However when moving through the halls the camera angle gets a little muddled and before you know it your being man handled by more than a couple of bad guys.  The final is more of an observation really, who ever was in charge of the animation during a Beam Katana power up wasn’t thinking clearly that day.  You literally pump the sword up and down, from behind it looks very much like you have taken a break and are giving yourself some ‘alone time’. Other than that, its not too bad at all.  Lots of cool effects and game play to keep you interested.  Its not very often that a move title comes out that actually works and has been properly thought through.  The story line is very long winded but you expect that.

The demo costs you nothing kids so why not?


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