Resident Evil 6 Demo Review

What does Resident evil mean to you?  What is the first thing that comes to mind when your reminded of the Resident evil series?  For me, its all about the zombies.  Thats what made this series of games so awesome, is all the flesh eating, shuffle walking, mindless groaning zombies.  This is also what made me fall in love with the Resident evil franchise however it seems that my flesh eating warriors have a smaller and smaller seat at the table every time a new Resi hits the shelves.  Resident evil 5 was very action based game, so much so that some gamers thought that the series was going too far into one direction and had lost its way.  To be honest I was kinda hoping that Capcom would have listened to what the gamers wanted and steered the ship back to zombie land but…. Well they have kinda but not really.

The other message that Capcom really wanted to hit home with is that this title is heavily based on its online modes.  You recognize that from the moment the demo loads up.  Your first choice is to either load up your own campaign mode or join a game already in motion.  If you choose your own campaign mission your given another set of options as the game itself incorporates three separate story lines, these separate story lines to help with the lack of a zombies game mentioned earlier but more on that in a bit.  Your story line choices are that of Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Jake Muller.  Each scenario is separate to each other with its own (sort of) unique feel to it.  Best news for me so far was that there was not a sign of that usless bitch from Resi 5, Sheva.  Man she was more annoying than Tails in Sonic 2.  Each game story line also allows you to take control of one of two characters.  If you opt for Leon you can play as Leon himself complete with early 90’s hair do, or his side kick Helena.  If its Chris you go with its either him or Piers you take on the hordes with.  Finally Jake and Sherry are the characters from the final scenario.  That said there is a fourth story line which you unlock once the first three have been completed.

Graphically and visually this game is outstanding, even for a demo.  Yes the cut scenes are typically long winded, over acted and drenched in cheese as to be expected from a Capcom title but very nice too look at.  The story lines are a little over the top, Leons story actually begins with you taking out the president, but that was kinda awesome as he was a bad ass zombie.  When it comes to game play R6 follows suite to R5, there is minimal creeping around here.  Depending on which story you are following the action will increase or decrease.  Chris’ story line by far is the most action packed.  Your not faced with your usual slow moving bad guys but rather new super soldiers infected with a new strain of the virus making them faster and stronger than ever before.  Some new moves have been given to your characters making Chris in particular double hard.  Hand to hand combat is awesome as are the new take downs (gets a little messy).  You are given a fair amount of weapons to choose from, again Chris having the largest arsenal.  However what did really grip my shit is the fact that you cannot pick up the weapons of the foes you dispatch.  Whats up with that? When playing with Leon you notice that his story line is as close as your going to get to the classic Resident evil, just a handgun and a combat knife to see you through here.  For the most part your up against classic flesh eating mothers which in my opinion is the best way.  However the mapping system has been done away with, Capcom have adopted a new pathfinder option not unlike that used in Dead Space.  The screen turns blue and a very helpful arrow shows you where you should be.  This is both good and bad as getting lost is a thing of the past but wasn’t that part of the fun and therefore the reward in previous titles?  This new feature takes the franchise further still away from the survival horror genre.  Speaking of which I must add that at no point did this title seem to even try to be scary or threatening.  Nothing jumps out or even attempts to put you on edge, is this because Capcom are aiming at the lower age range?  I would say a new title for the franchise of Resident pretty bad than evil.  It seems that Resident evil has gone from a ‘cant play this shit at night’ to ‘please melt me on some toast, cheesy’ kind of a game.  At no point did I get that feeling of ‘oh crap I only have 3 rounds and a god damned red herd left’.  Although pleasing to the eye this is no resident evil in my opinion, its far closer to a mix between lost planet and COD zombies… Just with less zombies.

There are elements of the original titles in each story line, Jakes tries to get you involved with some puzzle game play.  But not really, as you simply need to open doors from the other side by finding your way over the wall etc.  But the new pathfinder system tells you exactly where to go so really whats the point?  With Chris’ your fighting off huge hordes of bad guys who dont want to have you for lunch but rather blow you away.  You will also face the larges foes with Chris’ scenario, go for the weak spots you know the drill by now.  Leons as before mentioned is the closest to classic Resident evil, dark tones, groaning coming from behind doors etc.  Plus he has been given some new sweet features such as dual wield, get your hands on a decent amount of ammo and this rocks.  Plus the good old red and green herbs are back in play.

Resident evil 6 is more about co op play than anything else, you have the option to have your partner play as AI or let your system invite randoms to take on the game together.  As always be careful with this mode as 9 times out of 10 you will encounter huge douche bags who just want to mess around or suck.   There is also a decent app available to accompany your game play, letting you keep track of your achievements and that of your friends.  I would say that Leons story line will be the choice of the die hard Resident evil fan.  Speaking to a couple of fellow Resident evil fans on twitter they had this to say;






Resident Evil 6 is actually a decent action game, just not a Resident evil game.  There is little or no suspense, co op is awesome for the most part but co op games are not scary.  Resident evil is supposed to be a survival horror and that, this is not.  I’m sure the action and co op aspect of this shooter will be enough for most people as its done very very well in this title.  But for me, when I want a coke I will by a coke.  Not a lemonade.


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