Resident Evil Revelations PSN Demo Review

caplogo_e_strokeFirst and foremost I have to mention just how short this demo was.  Its all done within 10 minutes, not even a full level.  I would say about a 3rd of one.  So things are not off to a good start from Capcom considering the fact that the last installments to this series did not even come close to the glory of earlier titles.

However, I can say that the length of the demo was the only negative thing about it.  And as we all know, its not all about the length.  Its about the girth and how you use it…  Any who, it really does seem like Capcom have been paying attention to the reviews finally and have served up a… RESIDENT EVIL SURVIVOR HORROR!  Yes you read that right folks, the dark corners, the horrible moans from behind the door, the green herbs and the fucking lack of ammo and health are all back in play!

In true Resident evil style this game is set between Resi 4 & 5 and you take control of Jill Valentine.  For the demo you are searching for your old pal Chris, so I assume this is set when Jill is ‘pre’ Resi 5 crazy.  Your armed with nothing but a pistol and not enough ammo to resident-evil-wii-u-2-625x375-650x0go round a handful of rednecks at a BBQ.  The demo and game are set aboard the SS Queen Zenobia, you team up with new partner Parker Luciani.  You are not a duo for long though (thankfully) and the feeling of being very alone comes across very well.  Even the crappy Resi map is back in play here, I love it.  As with all Resident evil games the graphics are simply phenomenal, you could basically reach out and touch the characters its so real.

Sorry to say I didn’t experience any Zombies as such in the demo, however you are put up against some weird looking creatures.  Think of large walking used condoms ready to burst and that’s basically what your fighting.  Before the fighting however its back to business as usual with RER, its all about finding that clue, getting that key and moving on.  The new feature this time round is a device known as the Genesis.  Not a thousand miles away from the diagnostic camera used in Condemned 2.  So not really a unique feature but a new one to this series.  Also something quite new to the Resident evil series is the lack of cheese!  I was getting ready for a half hour cut scene every 10 minutes and massively over acting voice actors but this just didn’t happen this time round.

Although short, the game play in this demo was good.  Everything was nice and responsive and very easy to pick up.  The demo obviously barley scratches the surface of what the actual title has in store.  Being a true Resident evil game I’m looking forward to this one.

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