Review: Dead Effect, A Zombie Nightmare Game

Hey there boys and girls, today we have quite the fun game to review.  A little game out of the Czech Republic made by BadFly Interactive that started life on mobile and made its way onto PC and Mac.  A little game by the name of Dead Effect.

Some back story to get us started.   Your spacecraft is on its way to Tau Ceti f, the first planet to be colonized outside of our solar system.  They are using a new FTL tech when the player wakes up out of cryosleep.  As you look around you notice things are not quite right.  The ship is very dark, and people are half in and half out of their Cryo chambers with what looks to be blood on them.  As you make your way through the corridors you decide it would be a good idea to grab the wrist mounted stun gun you find  since you feel something is wrong.  You go through a door and are greeted by former staff…eating a corpse.  As they sense you they shamble towards you, with no care for their own safety, only hunger and pain on their faces.  As the first one nears you you fire your stun gun at it and in a great electrical display, the enemy is no more, but his friends are. Welcome to your nightmare!

dead effect 2

Ok now that we have a little back story and the first encounter out-of-the-way lets talk about the game itself.  It uses standard A S W D and mouse configuration.  1,2,3, and 4 cycle through your weapons.  Q and E both turn you 180 degrees in their respective directions which I really, really like since I don’t have to waste mouse movement for quick looking.  The space-bar is used for interacting, left mouse is fire, and right mouse is iron sights.  A few more keys appear later in the game, but I don’t want to spoil them for you just yet as they are a lot of fun.  Honestly I would have loved a button for jumping or climbing, but at the same time you are in a spacecraft which is fairly close quarters, which brings me to my next point.

The atmosphere of the game is tense, which is very good for this type of game.  The place is very tight, almost claustrophobic.  The music plays into this, bringing a sense of foreboding to it all, and then you hear the zombies…hissing, gasping, shuffling.  But, to me, they sound better than the zombies in Black Ops (Call of Duty).  Much more realistic if such a thing can be said about zombies, which adds to the creepy factor.  The zombie behavior also adds scariness to it. They linger around corners and attack in swarms out of nowhere.  This type of game needs to feel tense, foreboding creepy, and scary which Badfly Interactive did very well.  I certainly found myself screaming obscenities along with my mouse and hands more than I care to admit.

Now  onto something else before I have a flashback and throw my mouse.! You have your choice of two different characters, a man and a woman.  The only differences are starting weapons.  The guy starts with an Assault rifle and a semi automatic pistol, and the gal gets a shotgun and revolver to start.  I never play  male characters  in games if I can help it, and don’t you judge me!  But specifically, I chose the woman because of her starting weapons.  Why waste ammo with a fully automatic weapon and have to use multiple shots per average target when I can use a shotgun, hit a cluster, and take at least two down with each shot?  All the weapons can be upgraded by finding and earning credits.  You can buy new weapons and certain upgrades with both credits and gold.  You earn your gold here from your fallen enemies.

The zombies are not all just random walkers though, you have zombies with different abilities and hit points.  Some of them are fat and spit blood, some of them are very tall and run and attempt to tackle you.  Then you have the former military zombies that throw freaking grenades at you! That was new to me and a nice surprise.  On a side note, I really like the guns in this game, they look very good, they are effective and the firing animations are good too.  They can all be upgraded in areas like accuracy, magazine capacity, damage and piercing ability.

dead effect 1

The graphics look very nice, even on low settings.  The graphics also add a sensation of being on edge as well because along with everything I mentioned earlier, it just adds into that pool of creepiness.  I have had no issues whatsoever in playing this game which is a very nice change of pace, no lag, no glitches, no problems period! This makes me very, very happy.  There are also various game modes other than story mode. Survival, Mission, and Biohazard.  That last mode is a lot like Gear of Wars hoard mode which I love.   Oh, and once you beat the game you can play it over with your upgraded character!

Overall, this game is beyond fun, beyond creepy, and very well made.  The only negative I can really thing of is there is no multiplayer story mode, which would just put this game over the top.  Having online story matchmaking would be just magnificent.  My final word on this game, is that if you like shooters, space, zombies, being scared/creeped out, or any combination you need this game.

Here is the trailer

Here is the download link

Přeju vám příjemný zabíjení zombíků! (That’s Czech for “We hope you enjoy killing zombies”!)

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