Review: Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Headset

A headset is a headset, right? I tend to think not. Granted I am not playing my shooters like I was, but I still play to win, and for me, hearing is essential, especially if you play competitively and need to hear not only your teammates well, but you need to hear those enemy footsteps and reloads. 

I was actually impressed right away when I put on the headset for the sole reason of its weight. The last wireless headset I owned was the Tritton Warhead and it was a decent headset but it was super heavy on my ears. I would actually stream with one earpiece behind my ear and when my other ear was sore, I would switch off. The Turtle Beach Stealth is super light, I was actually surprised by how light it was.  The first time I wore it was during my 6 hour stream playing Paladins. Not once did I have to remove it, or remove an earpiece. The battery life I was super impressed with. Upon opening it, I charged the battery and gamed almost all day with the headset. I believe it went dead on me mid stream one time,  as I had just forgot to charge it that night. I would say a good full day of gaming could be done on one charge. I have not had a problem with it going dead on me at all. 

Another cool feature of the Stealth 600 is its ProSpecs design, which means those of you (like myself) who wear glasses or wear gaming glasses will not find it awkward. I wore my gaming glasses for most of my gaming while wearing the Stealth and they did not ride up and there was no pressure on the sides of my head, they sat where glasses are supposed to sit without being moved around by the headset. 

Now lets talk sound quality. Like I said before, I streamed Paladins competitive for a few hours with my first go with the Stealth I was able to call out where the enemy was  and what side they were coming from and flanking. They call it “Superhuman Hearing” and I have to say they do not lie. I remember back in the Black Ops 2 days you could only get this kind of  hearing if your headset had 8 feet of wires that connected and wrapped around yourself and your system! The audio surround sound in this headset is exceptional, I was able to voice my commands easy and as well mute my mic just by flipping up the mic on the headset. There are 4 modes to the audio, Audio Presets, which make the hearing a bit different depending on what your using the headset for.

The amazing thing is, its wireless. In streaming competitive with my teammates I did not experience any latency, nor did my teammates. It was super nice having the freedom of not being wrapped up in wires, or having to find a dial to mute my mic etc. 

As far as price, 100 bills will get you this prized packaged. I feel its a steal with what it can do for your gaming experience. This is definitely one of my top 10 gifts this Christmas season for the gamer in your life. 

For more info on this headset, check out Turtle Beach

To see the headset in action, tune into for the nights I stream


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