Rude Bear – Gauntlet Challenge with $250 prize

To celebrate GDQ, Alex Rose Games has teamed up with speedrunning youtuber EZScape to announce a super hard $250 challenge for Super Rude Bear Resurrection, since our previous stupidly difficult Rainbow Challenge still hasn’t been completed (though people are getting close), there’s a new update to the Steam version of SRBR with a massive new level, and a month long competition to win some dollar dollar.

The game is 50% off on Steam for the next fortnight, and the winner is the person who gets:

  • The fastest time streamed on Twitch and highlighted
  • With the ingame timer and audio on
  • By 12PM PT on the 6th of February 2019
  • Without using hacks/major glitches
  • Either emailed to or DMed to @AlexRoseGames


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