Sony to Launch PS4 Ahead of the Next Generation Xbox?

Developers said to have been invited to reveal meetings in the US in May and June.

Sony plans to launch its PlayStation 4 ahead of the next generation Xbox, sources have revealed to VG247.

Earlier today it was reported that the next Xbox will release during the Christmas 2013 season.

“Sony are completely in the belief that they have the jump on Microsoft this time,” said a source. “You should be watching the timing of next year’s E3 keynotes, and who’s going to go first.”

“Top line publishers already know about it,” said the source. “Developers working with publishers – like Ubisoft, for example – already know what’s going on. They’re already working on it.”

It’s believed that most developers will be filled in on PS4 “by the end of this year,” with some invited to reveal events taking place in the US in May and June.

In addition, VG247 has heard that Sony has indeed scrapped plans to use a new Cell processor, instead making use of AMD hardware. Crytek was scaling up its tech to utilise a 24-core Cell, but had to halt its plans when it was made aware of Sony’s intention to abandon the Cell technology.

Whether or not Sony manages to get its PS4 in consumer hands before the next Xbox hits remains to be seen, but it seems increasingly likely that we’ll see two next-generation platforms arriving in very close proximity. Which console will come out on top? We like PS4, but we’re also quite fond of Xbox 720. There’s only one way to find out… Fight!!

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