Star Wars Battlefront BETA Review

27207-1What’s up fellow gamers, geeks, nerds and rulers of the universe.  Well, it’s finally here!  Star Wars Battlefront III, its been a long time coming and don’t we half deserve it?  We have had a rough run of it recently (RIP Star Wars 1313) and we are due a win.  Lets get straight into the good stuff shall we.

[box_dark]Star Wars Battlefront BETA Review[/box_dark]… Many Bothans died to bring us this information (Couldn’t help myself).

First things first, how it looks.  In a word, incredible.  EA have truly gone to town on making this one a star wars game to remember (for the right reasons).  The BETA only allows game play on three maps, however this little taster is just enough to create a bomb featuredImage.imgshell of demand for this title.  Well played EA, well played indeed.  Any fan of the Star Wars series (like there isn’t any) will instantly recognise the environments and characters.  Tatooine and the battle of Hoth are unmistakable, honestly I got goose bumps.  Everything works together to make for a superb map to play on, right down to the sand blowing away in front of you.  As most people know, I am a big fan of the little things as they make up the bigger picture.  And as far as I can tell there have been no short cuts have been taken here.  One of the first things I will check on a shooter like this?  Legs, do I have legs.  I will take a look down and see if that is a corner that was cut.  Battlefront comes up trumps, yes I have fully functional legs.  Not only that, but especially in Hoth you leave footprints in the snow.  Yes I know it seems like a small thing but that means that the developer has really taken this game seriously.

19nvsb1Now I have always been a Battlefield kinda guy, epic maps, awesome game play and explosions unlike anything I had ever experienced in similar first person shooters.  All the things I love about about Battlefield are alive and well in Battlefront.  The explosions look and more importantly sound like explosions.  A great amount of time has been taken into this aspect of the game, mini mushroom clouds, detonations that will take your breath away.  I could listen to stuff blowing up all day long on Batttlefront #TrueStory.  Did someone say DICE?  Why yes, yes they did.  And holy crap it is good.  I’m sure we are only getting a taste of what coming up but what I have seen in the BETA its again truly epic.

The BETA allows for a single/two player mode or a couple of maps on multiplayer.  I would strongly suggest warming up on the single or two player mode before dipping your foot into the multi player battles.  The single or Cooperative mode is a survival based game on Tatooine.  Fight off wave after wave of what ever the empire have to throw at you, which isn’t all that much as its just the BETA and it only allows for 6 waves.  However that doesn’t mean its not totally epic, a smooth and crisp cut scene will set the scene for you.  You are for the moment stranded on Tatooine, help is on the way but before it gets there you will have to fight off wave after wave of empire forces.  Each wave picking up the difficulty level a little more.  To keep you company Admiral Ackbar will keep in contact on the good old holographic radio, you know Ackbar… ‘IT’S A TRAP’, that guy.  He by the way looks amazing by the way, another goose bump time.  Best way to look at this stage is a good warm up before multi player, looks great and all but wont serve up much of a challenge.  More difficult modes wont unlock until the full game.  But as I said, well worth a look.

Now, time to get your nerf herder butts over to the multi player section of the BETA.  This is where you will see the true potential battlefront_leaked_alpha_tatooine_23epicness (yes its a word) of this game. The multi player comes in two parts, Drop Zone & Walker assault.  Drop zone is a swamp Crash site on Endor and is a more tight 8 v 8 game with specific objectives.  Claim and guard the drops from the enemy team, things can get a little hectic or to put it more accurately things can really kick right off.  In the drop zone you will be able to upgrade your equipment in no times, plus it is full addicting.  After you have honed your skills you might just be ready for the Walker Assault mission, now there are specific game objectives here.  But its largely just a free for all!  Rebels need to activate the stations while the empire needs to keep them offline, pretty basic but the map is far from basic.  Its bloody huge, almost too big.  But even when you are far from the battle the background alone will keep you entertained.  Now the sound, oh my god the sound… Just so incredible.  Doesn’t matter if you are using a full on 7.1 surround sound system or a pair of half decent headphones this game sounds tremendous.  Due to the size of the map (in true Battlefield style) things are happening all around you.  There is something to see and do in every direction and it all looks great.  One thing I will point out is that if you are fighting for the imperials you are at a distinct advantage.  Why?  AT-AT’s & AT-ST’s, that’s why.  The mightly AT-AT’s are almost invincible however you are only allowed a very limited amount of time in one.  However, while you are on board you can bring awesome devastation on your foes.  Blaster cannons, orbital strikes… Its just good fun for the whole family.  Now that’s not to say that the rebels are unarmed.  You do have at your disposal the classic X wing fighter and speeder.  Remember the trick Luke used to take down a Walker?  Well if you can time it right you can take down one of those big boys.  I’ve actually seen some gamers complaining about the upper hand the Empire have over the rebels, to that I say…. Dude, have you even seen star wars?

Throughout the game there are many game functions to keep you coming back for more, earn new weapons and cards to make your time in Battlefront more enjoyable and destructive.  I’m sure we have only seen a small glimpse of the things to come, and yes there are the odd glitches here and there but hey its only the BETA.  Star Wars Battlefront is a master piece in the making, it could have easily gone either way.  I’m more than pleased to say it has fallen on the right side.  This game has stayed loyal to the ORIGINAL source material (not a god damned midichlorian in sight) which is really what the fans wanted and needed.  I was concerned over the fact that this title was  a reboot rather than a squeal however I didn’t need to be.  Next gen Battlefront baby, I’m ready!





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