Review – Phantasmal: City of Darkness

Jumping straight into this game with no prior knowledge, I was immediately impressed with the audio queues. If you’re like me, and feel an immersive audio experience is the key factor in a great game, then you are certainly in for a treat. The lightning, thunder, squeals, moans, it was truly a great experience. Hearing …

Review: Dead Effect, A Zombie Nightmare Game

The ship is very dark, and people are half in and half out of their Cryo chambers with what looks like blood on them. As you make your way through the corridors you decide it would be a good idea to grab the wrist mounted stun gun you find since something is wrong. You go through a door and are greeted by former staff…eating a corpse. As they sense you they shamble towards, with no care for their own safety, only hunger and pain on their faces. As the first one nears you you fire your stun gun at it and in a great electrical display, the enemy is no more, but his friends are…welcome to your nightmares.

Review: Extraterrestrial

Writer: The Vicious Brothers Director: Colin Minihan Synopsis: A group of friends on a weekend trip to a cabin in the woods find themselves terrorized by alien visitors. IMDB Link:

Review: KNeoWorld Arcade

Check out Rebel Gaming’s very own Hyperkind as he attempts to make sense of the madness that is KNeoWorld Arcade… Watch live video from RebGaming on Twitch Available on: iOS & Android ($4.99) Check out Hype on his channel on these days listed below and give him a follow Hyperkind’s Twitch Channel Sunday : My …