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Hey there boys and girls and welcome to the first ever “Rebel Rates” with me, James!  Today we will be rating my new phone the Oneplus One.  Now this phone is by no means new.  It’s been on the market for about a year now but it was certainly new to me when I discovered it.  Now, on with the show!

Firsts things first, the display.  This is generally what people care about the most.  And while it’s not top of the line 4K its a beautiful 1080p.  The phone has a 5.5 inch display so it’s no small fry but its not to big either.  It fits and fills your hand just right.  The pixel density isn’t the absolute best but it’s still a respectable 401.  On a side note, those specs are the same as an iPhone 6…at least tech wise.  I’m not sure the size of the 6 right off hand.

We’ve covered display now let’s talk power…and baby it’s got power.  3 gigs of ram? Check.  2.5GHz krait quad core processor? Check.  Snapdragon 801 chip set?  Damn skippy.  Look at the iPhone 6, now look at the OnePlus, the OnePlus has more ram, and a better processor…what’s not to love?

So we’ve got the display, we’ve got the power to rock that display like a hurricane.  But display and power don’t sell phones, they sell computers.  So what sets this phone apart from the crowd?  Well for starters it comes loaded with CyanogenMod 11.  Ya know that super customization Android mod?  You can change everything about the phone more or less.  From what the buttons do to you’re total UI.  Like the Galaxy UI?  No issue just buy the theme and set it up as such.  Notice I said buy, not get.  Themes cost money but it’s only a few bucks at most so it’s not super terrible and knowing Android im certain you can get then free.  But that’s not all.  Since it’s part of the phone you can easily update to CM12 over the updater instead of having to manually install it.    It also has 3 mics, a 13mp camera and a 5mp secondary camera.  It also has dual LEad flash which I like.  It has two speakers on the bottom and they get loud.

It comes in Sandstone Black with 64gigs memory or Silk White with 16gigs of memory.  I’m cheap so I opted for the Silk White.  Also, you want accessories?  You got them, and at a good price too.  I ordered the black flip cover with my phone.  And it’s already survived one drop (knock on wood).  Oh and the case was only about 15 bucks.  And there are other cases not made by OnePlus if you want some variety.

Now, a few gripes.  It doesn’t have expandable memory and the back is a pain to get off.  The sim slot requires either the tool it comes with or a paper clip to eject.  But to offset this you can buy their OTG cable which let’s you plug up a USB drive, mouse, or keyboard to your phone and they give you the sim tool.  One final gripe is that the phone will only work on GSM networks like T-Mobile and AT&T.  Which isn’t a big deal to me but to some it may be.

Now onto my favorite part, and to me the most important.  Price vs quality.  Everything about this phone screams quality to me, from the feel of the phone and accessories to the specs, and even the packaging.  This phone is loaded.  And that CyanogenMod?  I only raked the top of the iceberg about it.  Now, looking at the specs, you’d expect to pay no less that 500.  But no,  the 16gig model is only 300 and the 64gig is only 350.

[pullquote_left]Their motto is “Never Settle” and trust me, they don’t.[/pullquote_left]  All in all this phone is magical, if you’re in the hunt for a new phone check them out at

Also, as a side note, I did most of this review ON the OnePlus.

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