The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

250px-The_Testament_of_Sherlock_Holmes_cover (1)Hey there boys and girls! Do you like mysteries? Sure you do,  and if you don’t you will after this game! I just recently got my grubby little hands on a copy of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. At first I thought it was going to be like the games where you look at the picture and click to find the hidden object…I was sorely wrong.

The graphics are comparable to Skyrim and in my opinion better. Also you don’t need a super computer to run the game, in fact my graphics card is under the minimum/prefered requirements and it runs just fine and looks great. I get about 60 frames per second give or take a few. The controls are pretty nice with a lot of range. You can explore the room in first person if you like, or if you prefer, you can go 3rd person view and steer him with the camera. Neither of those appeal to you? Well then you are too needy, but yet again another option! Point and click moving with a set camera. This variety is something that to me sets this game apart…I love it. The music is just wonderful. Not to dark, not to light, and does not set you on edge. If anything it piques your curiosity even more.

As for the story. You are obviously Sherlock Holmes…and sometimes Dr.Watson. Going from place to place solving mysteries. The first level is kind of like the tutorial where you hone in on your controls. Without giving too much away its about finding a necklace of great importance to some important people. The second scene is one in which a freelance writer tries to give Holmes a bad name. And the next level is involving a murder…I love the smell of conspiracy in the morning. Also as a note, there are a few disturbing images in the game. They go with the story though and add that extra level of ‘woah’ though.

Now don’t let all my hype fool you though. The puzzles are tough. They start off fairly easy at first and get increasingly harder. But a nifty feature here is if you can’t get it, just give the puzzle a few good honest attempts, and then if you still can’t get it a neat little button pops up that completes the puzzle and shows you the correct answer…but not necessarily how to get the answer, and the game moves on. Which is a good thing because I’ve had to stop playing great games for an amount of time just because of one puzzle I just could not crack. This way it cuts down on the level of frustration and lets you keep playing and enjoying the story and adventure.

All in all this is a wonderful game. Well thought out, and executed with amazing precision. In fact its the most fun you can have with Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson without Jude Law and Robert Downy Jr or reading a book. Pick up your copy today!

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