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Trials Evolution CoverBravo RedLynx, on the release of  Trials Evolution, a game that has been on my wish list for a while now. As a huge fan of Excite Bike in my Nintendo days this is something that’s like candy to a baby for me. I remember how many hours I spent playing such a simple yet fun game that was like no other title in that genre. A few years back RedLynx brought back those memories with Trials HD, an arcade title for Xbox LIVE. I remember playing the trails and after the first minute I purchased the full copy and it would seem so did everyone else that even heard about the game. It broke all sorts of records on Xbox LIVE for an arcade title. The graphics look amazing, the physics are outstanding, the game content is extensive…BUT…yes I said it, there was a big hiccup with Trials HD. Although the devs gave you an editor to create new content yourself,  which was exactly what they used to make the game, they decided to only allow sharing content with people on your friends list, which was in my opinion a big mistake. Imagine you being the greatest known map creator known in the forums and you’d love to get your name spread out but you have to constantly add and remove people so that they can enjoy your creations. Well that’s exactly what you need to do or request in order to get that feature to work.
Trials Evolution InGameSo now that you know what was what in the original release, let me spoil you with all the reasons as to why the latest edition has vastly improved. Let’s start by saying that the new sharing feature is a massive overhaul and the devs have listened to their fans. You no longer need to have someone on your friends list or worry about not being able to get this sick track because the person won’t reply to your request to add you just for the download. The new system works sort of the same way PS3’s Little Big Planet does, it’s a never-ending list of tracks for everyone to get their filthy hands on and they also add a rating system.  This will be used to track the highest rated, most played, most downloaded etc. One of the obvious changes is that you are no longer confined to a dark warehouse as your sandbox for editing, they have now added the world outside that warehouse. You can now slightly  veer off the traditional straight line as you move across the course, among all this you now have a way to customize your rider and his bikes, more skill games that are new and not remakes from the original.
Trials Evolution CustomizeOf course we can’t forget the all the new multiplayer, which has a re-spawn type of deal for the rider that’s falling behind, which some people don’t like and others could care less. The only thing I can say  is I’m still trying to get used to what feels like a slight change in the amount of gravity or sense of weight of the bike, it almost seems like the bikes are lighter and I end up crashing more often than I usually did in the original. However, I’m glad to say that’s the only negative thing I have to say about this wonderful gift we have as XBOX 360 owners. I LOVE IT!!! What sort of contraption do you have going on in your head that you want to share with the rest of the world? I can’t wait to see what people come up with, remember it doesn’t have to be your standard game set, you can literally make any genre out of this games creator, just like people did in Little Big Planet 2. So a personal message to RedLynx, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, it took you longer then expected and I will admit I lost my cool when 2011 came and went, but we finally got your new baby and we’re running with it. So, the question I have now is, how many medals do you have and can you beat my times and scores?  Let me know, in the comment box below.
Get your copy on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points and show your support by visiting the devs and say thank you for this pot of gold.
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