Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon Chat Headset Review

These days gaming does not come cheap. Especially if you want to get in on the streaming scene. With so much money needed to put into just the basics, its nice to see Turtle Beach coming out with a headset that is not going to break your bank and will still give you streaming quality sound and mic communications. It is very basic though, you do not get a lot of the bells and whistles you normally get with one of the more pricier ones, the Recon Chat headset is a much better option than what you normally get with your purchased console. 

The Recon Chat headset is a one eared headset, I happen to not mind that for less serious gaming as I find most headsets hurt my ears and I will usually take one of them and put it behind by ear and switch off, I wore this for quite a while gaming and had no discomfort on my one ear, BUT if I had, I could of easily switched it to the other ear. A nice feature of the Recon Chat headset. It is really lightweight, doesn’t move around like some of the other one eared chat headsets are known to do, and I could wear my glasses with no interference of the headset moving them around, which I have had problems with in the past with other headsets. 

I wont lie, when I first took it out of the box I did not expect a lot, in fact I worried I would not be giving it a decent review because it feels, well… like a headset that comes with a packaged console. It has a volume button and mute as well, and for the price offered its a decent headset. 

Now on the box it says the PS4 headset is compatible with mobile (3.5 mm) so I figured let me really review this. I listened to some music and made a couple phone calls. Now I probably wouldn’t need to use either with this headset but the music came through very smooth and my phone calls, I had no problem hearing and they had no problem hearing me! I even used it to stream one night and no one could tell I wasn’t using my Turtle Beach Elite Pro’s. 

This headset would be a great way to start a younger gamer on their way to the Turtle Beach family or for any gamer to have for a back up. 

You can see more of this headset and others offered by Turtle Beach HERE

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Stephanie Vivian

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