W3i Ups The Ante For iOS App Discovery and Monetization Solutions

W3i announces the launch of the new
Ad-Funded Payment Platform, providing a robust and customizable solution for
developers looking for app discovery or monetization http://ow.ly/3C6ZJ.
With over 300,000 apps in the App Store and virtual goods
revenue http://ow.ly/3C70D>projected to pass $2 billion in the U.S. in
2011, the Ad-Funded Payment
Platform helps iOS app developers achieve their discovery and monetization
goals.  The solution works by rewarding users with virtual currency in free
iOS games <http://ow.ly/3C71u> for installing apps from advertisers.

Unique to the market, The Ad-Funded Payment Platform provides customizable
offer interfaces for publishers, robust and intelligent reporting for
developers and superior end-user experiences for iOS gamers. The Ad-Funded
Payment Platform also offers variations optimized for iPhone and iPad. This
new product is driven by W3i’s proprietary InstallIQ software, optimized on
500 million downloads.

“Integrating the W3i Ad-Funded Payment Platform was a breeze, providing a
frictionless experience for our users while driving our revenues.” says Raik
Bittner Managing Director of Raix Games.

Meanwhile, advertisers are provided extensive support for campaigns with
robust reporting, and targeting.

Users benefit from an offer experience geared for them. Easy to understand,
the Ad-Funded Payment Platform easily advances gameplay for users while
providing access to their download history and customer support with only a
few taps.

The Ad-Funded Payment Platform is part of a growing mobile distribution
network <http://ow.ly/3C722> at W3i that includes Apperang, released summer
of 2010 and more additions to come in 2011.

“The W3i Ad-Funded Payment Platform provides publishers an opportunity to
monetize and drive their virtual goods transactions in a branded offer wall
experience, while giving advertisers powerful insights and control into
their marketing campaigns through sophisticated campaign dashboards. Users
get free apps.  A win-win-win.” notes Andy Johnson, CEO W3i.

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