Want to win a Gold Xbox LIVE membership?

Happy New Year from Rebel Gaming! We wanted to start off the New Year right by giving away not one, but 2 Gold Xbox Live Memberships.

All you have to do is follow @RebGaming and like us on FB http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rebel-Gaming/119125511463522 and then get ready to answer some trivia, oh dont pout, it will be fun when you all have hangovers and headaches and cant

think 🙂 If we did it any other way it wouldnt be fair, only hint I will give you now is one question is going to make you think hard, and the other is going to make you search a lot. I could make it easy being most of you will be hungover, or maybe even still drunk, maybe we will drop it at like 8 am eastern time when all of the designated drivers will still be on. 😀 While your passed out on your bathroom floor hugging the toilet with vomit in your hair. Naw Im not that mean! But be warned it could happen at any time of the day! (see that theres a hint in that…day.. which means not at night!) You all catch on quick!

We will give one Gold membership to a lucky twitter follower and one to a lucky facebook follower. What will the trivia be? Maybe with some prodding @IRGRL on twitter will drop some hints.

Stay Tuned and Have a safe and Happy New Year!  This goes off on New Year Day!

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Stephanie Vivian

CEO and Editor in Chief for Rebel Gaming @Irgrl on twitter

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