Warlock’s Bounty – A New Concept In RPGs

warlocks bountyAre you a fan of interactive fiction or collectible card combat games? Then Warlock’s Bounty is the game for you. A brand new concept in gaming, Warlock’s Bounty combines strategic magic card combat with an involving, story-driven gamebook experience, written by one of the leading authors in the gamebook genre.

Book 1   Revenge of the Sorcerer  By Jonathan Green 

You are a mighty wizard, once apprenticed to the sorcerer Corax Whiteraven, guardian of the lands of Lloegyr. When Whiteraven’s familiar appears out of the blue carrying an urgent message from its master, you embark upon a mission that will test your mettle and magical abilities to the full. For Lloegyr’s guardian – the greatest sorcerer of them all – is in danger, and needs your help!

Game features:

  • Your choice affects how the story progresses.
  • Novel approach to interactive storytelling focused on locations; your previous actions can change what happens at locations when you revisit them.
  • Determine the outcome of magical duels using cards as opposed to rolling dice.
  • Tailor your card deck to create the optimum spell and weapon combinations for the many battles ahead.
  • Find and collect even more powerful weapons and spells throughout your adventure.
  • Features fantastic fantasy artwork throughout and every card is illustrated in full colour.
  • Studio produced music and sound effects.
  • Play in bite-sized chunks; your progress is saved at every step so you can continue from exactly where you left off playing last.

Developed by Emil Bakalinov – a highly experienced coder, life-long fan of interactive fiction and magic card strategy games, and founder of Attic Squad Games.

Written by Jonathan Green – a veteran of the gamebook genre having penned numerous titles for many popular franchises, including Fighting Fantasy, Doctor Who, Star Wars and Tin Man Games’ Gamebook Adventures.

website:  www.atticsquad.com
twitter:  www.twitter.com/WarlocksBounty

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