Review: Windforge

Hey there boys and girls!  Today we humbly offer up a review of the game Windforge.windforge

Windforge is set is an awesome steampunk world where everything runs off of whale oil…but not just any whale oil, sky whale oil! But the whales are dying off due to the need for their oil. So you get sent to find a forbidden source of energy. Along the way you mine minerals and build really cool airships as well! And that my friends, is where the fun stops.

Character creation is quick with limited options, and then you get thrown into the game. You start on a small airship with the most typical quest ever…go explore those ruins and bring me back something. Then you get full control of your character just to find that the controls are ,in my opinion, complete crap. The scheme is ASWD to move and the mouse to look and use weapons and such. All of that would be great in a 3D game but this a 2D platformer. A platformer that is very beautiful mind you but it feels wrong to me. Say you like that control scheme and you decide you want to continue with the game. The world, as pretty as it is, is stupidly hostile. One of the first few enemies in the game is a flying, fire breathing lizard. So yes, a small dragon. And if it only took a few hits to kill that would be ok since its only 5 minutes into the game but no, it takes far too many hits to kill this thing. And all that is just at the start of the game.

Now, I can deal with some of those issues because I do enjoy a challenging game…but this game isn’t just challenging, it’s annoying. Say you made it fairly far into the game, if you have the issues I had the game will crash and you will lose your save files. Not just one file…ALL OF THEM. All that work to get to that point in the game just to lose everything. I don’t think so.

All in all this game had a huge amount of potential, and I don’t think it lived up to any of it.


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