World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition

World_of_Tanks_Xbox_360_Edition_preliminary_cover_art TANKS!  Who doesn’t fucking love Tanks, they are massive, metal, loud and full of awesome.  Every kid dreams of driving a tank right?  This game delivers a piece of that fantasy.  Now, it’s a bit of an obvious statement here but.  This game will really only appeal if your really into your tanks.  And I mean really into them.  Right from the start it’s clear that this game is going to get pretty anal on the game content.  Much like the earlier need for speed games where you can change the god damned tyre pressure…

Well I guess if your reading this review you must have some interest in Tanks so lets crack on.  World of Tanks is an excellent team player game, as an online only platform it’s all about the teams.  You take control of a tank of your choosing (ish) and go to battle with your team mates for a common goal.  World of Tanks is set in WWII, so it’s all very old school.  I actually got constant reminders of World at War… Man I miss that game.

For those tank enthusiasts among you, this game just gets better and better.  As you progress and earn XP you can upgrade your existing tank or WoT_Xbox_360_Screens_Combat_Image_06buy new ones.  The categories of tanks are light, medium or heavy and all have plenty to choose from.  You can upgrade the amour, ammo, speed, crew and much more.  You really do find yourself getting properly into it, particularly once you get your first kill!  Once you score that its hard not to keep coming back for more.  However in the early stages of the game the kills do not really come that easily, as your tank will be very weak by comparison to some of your opponents you must use a much more tactical approach to the game.  Going in balls deep right from the start is going to get you nowhere fast.  This is quite a positive thing however, as when you can upgrade your tank its far more rewarding.

The game play itself is very good, once you get used to the controls of an old school WWII tank that is.  It’s all pretty real out there, the age it takes to reload, the speed of the tanks even the sound they make.  A lot of time has been taken to make this as true to life as possible and what a good job they have done of that too.  That said, the game does give you a lot of ‘your playing a video game’ help along the way.  For example, when an enemy is close a small light bulb will pop up stating ‘sixth sense’.  When this happens look around as your probably already in someones sights.  You have a couple of options when it comes to engaging your enemies also.  Either in a 3rd person view behind the tank or in a more sniper mode looking right down the barrel of your cannon.  The game also has a lock on feature which, when engaged will do exactly that and lock onto a nearby tank allowing you to continue to move while keeping them under fire.  The idea being that you can keep moving and create a harder target for your enemy.  Although you do have reminders of WorldofTanksEnemyBaseWAW, the environments are more interactive.  For example you’re in a shitting tank, so if you drive into a house the house falls down!  Pretty sweet right?  Same store with cars and other vehicles, shows again that the developers were not kidding in making this game as real as possible.

For what it is this game is exceptionally pretty, detail on all vehicles and environments are top-notch.  I mean don’t get me wrong it’s not going to set the world alight but it’s very pleasing to the eye.  However, as I first said you have to be a real tank fan to get into this.  After a while of play I found myself losing interest as there isn’t much in the way of diverse game play.  There are only so many ways you can blow up a tank with another tank.  Once the novelty has worn off it doesn’t do much for me.

In summary, a good effort.  But fails the longevity test.

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