Xbox Game Pass Review: Forza Horizon 4

ForzaOn October 2nd 2018 Forza Horizon 4 was released not only on the Xbox but on Xbox Game Pass as well. It took Xbox Game Pass to new levels with such a huge title being on Xbox Game Pass from its initial release. Forza Horizon 4 standard price is $59.99 but with Xbox Game Pass this major titled game and many others are yours to play for just $9.99 per month. Forza Horizon 4 was developed by Playground Games and published by Microsoft Studios.

Forza Horizon 4 is an open world racing game that takes place in the United Kingdom. This game features all 4 seasons that change the terrain based on which season you are currently in. The visual depictions for this game I would have to say are astonishing with each season having an impact on how you have to drive. Forza Horizon 4’s selection of cars you have to choose from is massive giving you plenty of opportunities to drive your favorite cars of about all makes and models. This game also lets you buy houses and has a nice progression system as you go working your way up to faster more exotic cars that keep you on the hook with a perk system that keeps you having something to look forward to.

Forza Horizon 4 features an offline and online mode, the offline mode does have plenty for you to do and keep you entertained for countless hours but if you are like me online playing with your friends is when I have the most fun gaming. In my opinion, going 160 MPH down the open highways of the UK just to have your friend side swipe you and send you flipping because he finds it funny is the memories that will keep you coming back to this game and forzaany future titles that Forza makes.

I would have to say that this is a great racing game all around for people of all ages. It can teach newer players how to drive in the game and experienced Forza players can flourish. Car enthusiasts like myself can near lose their minds over what all they have to choose from in this game and tweaking them how you like down to the tire pressure is what makes this game so great. Overall this is another great game on Xbox Game Pass and is a solid 9/10, I personally want to say thank you to Xbox Game Pass and Forza for providing this experience at such a low cost. Experiences like this are what makes Xbox Game Pass so worth the $9.99 a month and if you don’t already have it you need to give it a try.

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