Zenproducers Will Boost Marketing and PR for Aerohills

Zenproducers producing company announced that from now they will provide marketing and PR activity for upcoming two casual games from Aerohills game development studio. Towards this end in view sponsorship and game branding agreement with portal www.Funlinker.com was concluded.

Aerohills company is famous as developers such casual games as “Mystery of The Earl”, “Office Life: IPO” and a lot of others.

Partners will work on the hidden object / adventure games “Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills” and in a while next game “Three Musketeers Secrets: Constance’s Mission”.

“We focus mainly on producing, marketing and PR activity because we want to concentrate on marketing and consulting for different partners. The goal is to help different developers from Eastern Europe and publishers reach each other.” said Oleksiy Honcharov Senior Producer at ZenProducers“. And with exciting Aerohills hidden object / adventure games we will help casual distributors to fill in their game catalogues”

“Now when Zenproducers start marketing we can hurl all efforts into game development,” commented Ivan Zaplava, Lead Developer.”It’s great when you have opportunity to do what you really like – develop great games!”.

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