Black Ops 3 Staff Review

Black Ops 3 has been out for a little over a week now and Rebel Gaming staff has gotten together to see just how well the dust has settled after the hype of release day.



[box_dark]Stephanie Vivian – @IRGRL [/box_dark]

It’s been just about two weeks since Black Ops 3 release day. With all the grandeur of past releases of any of Treyarchs CODs, Black Ops 3 did not disappoint. I as well feel that the disappointment of Advanced Warfare and Ghost that people were drooling for Treyarch to dish out another best seller. For me its all about multiplayer. I remember in the beta there were issues a bit with spawning, which is the norm, but feel like a lot of multiplayer game modes spawning is a bit of hit or miss sometimes, especially with the game mode you are playing. I will just put it out there, I am not giddy over it. I can’t put my finger on it, I like to play it, I like the maps, the guns are good, but will admit I have not unlocked them all. For the ones I have unlocked I felt the shotguns were a bit under powered and the sniper rifles a bit overpowered, but like I said, this is based on the first couple unlocks of those. I am having a hard time finding a good feeling gun. Like in Black Ops 2, I basically used 2 classes (offense and defense) and then my sniper rifle/shotty class. That was it. I am still sorting through the guns but what I have felt and played with, they seem decent. Granted I do not nit pick at a game when it comes to guns, because I feel if you are a skilled player you can adjust even a shit weapon to your liking.

I like the use of different classes and abilities and think it does give the game a new feel and can really be used to a teams advantage with playing objective games. But still almost 2 full weeks out and I am still hoping that Black Ops 3 gets addictive for me. I was playing with a friend the other night and he felt my lack of luster for the game was because I had not found my weapon yet and had not adjusted from playing Black Ops 2. He may be right, and I hope he is. The graphics in Black Ops 3 are fantastic, things blowing in the wind, distracting you from looking for an opponent, goes hand in hand with the sound effects, from footsteps to water running to birds chirping, Treyarch always blows me away with how much detail they give to the little things maybe most people do not notice, but I do.

So I am still sitting her waiting for that OMFG moment when I have an epic game, or find the gun that feels right, but until then I do feel Treyarch delivered another hit. I give it a 9/10 for multiplayer, being that is the mode I play mostly.

[box_dark]Nick Overton – @Marksman [/box_dark]

Black Ops 3 released just over a week ago and already Treyarch has pushed numerous patches live to fix any issues that have been brought up by the community. The game was good to begin with but with the developer support is poised to be one of the best games in the franchise. The weapon balancing in the game is phenomenal! There are a few weapons that stand out as the best, but not by a large margin and many of the other weapons can be used with ease. The map design overall is pretty damn good as well. The flow to it and the ability to push from multiple areas in different ways was a big challenge to create but they’ve done well. The wall riding and thrusts don’t seem like a Call of Duty attribute but the movement is very CoD’esque. It flows well and the verticality of the game isn’t so insane like Advanced Warfare.
Overall the game is a 9/10 in my opinion and I think it’ll only improve from the major support that Treyarch has been offering. There are still a few things I’d like to see tweaked like the flinch when shot, because it benefits head glitching people that camp, but we’ll see if it happens. There are also a few ways to counter head glitching like using snipers or low recoil weapons and hitting the head shots. We will see some major updates in the next month for Black Ops 3 multiplayer and it’ll be up to us to offer feedback on how else the game could be improved.
[box_dark]Tj Vivian @TJVivian32[/box_dark]

Since the beta release of Black Ops 3 people all over have been waiting in anticipation for the trilogy to finally come together. Let me start with the positives. I have always been more of a Halo fan but Call of Duty has always drawn me in with their mind blowing campaigns. From the dialogue, to the graphics, to the tear and heart wrenching scenes. So this time around what do they do? Smack it out of the god damn park. The graphical aspect was absolutely amazing. Everything was so life like and realistic that I assumed I was in 2065 along with Hendricks and Taylor. Even better,  they allowed you to become more in touch with the story by giving you customization characters and load outs. I absolutely loved this campaign and couldn’t be happier with how they made it.

Moving over to the multiplayer, well, at the moment it’s very par and average but that’s with any Call of Duty game. During the upcoming weeks I’m sure it’ll all get fixed and patched as many of them do. However I think Activision/Treyarch went back to their roots while keeping it very modern. They have  ankle boosters and took away the exo suit,  taking away the Bunny Hopping simulator aka Advanced Warfare. I’m very optimistic about about the multiplayer and I hope it continues to get better.
 Overall I love Black Ops 3 and want to see it do well.  I miss the old black ops games and call of duty games that made me excited as a child. The ones where I couldn’t wait to just play one more game.

[box_dark]Rob Sellig @RobSellig[/box_dark]

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