Darksiders II’s Loading Screen Glitch, And How To Fix It

DarksidersIILast month, I bought a shiny new copy of Darksiders 2 for my Xbox 360. I shredded through the package, punched in all my pre-order and Limited Edition codes, and happily began playing one of my soon-to-be contenders for favorite game of the year. I absolutely loved the first one, and the second game improved on nearly every aspect of the first game that I can think of. While reading some advance reviews, however, I noticed a few of them talking about a plethora of bugs and game-breaking glitches that may halt progress, and while I feared this would happen to me as it did in Skyrim (which still hasn’t been fixed), I pressed on.

Around my 25th hour of play, during the final dungeon, I backtracked and found the two remaining collectibles necessary to complete the game’s two lengthy side-quests, quests which add a significant amount of time and depth to the game, but both of which come with extremely worthy rewards. After all this hard work, I decided to take a break, get a good night’s sleep, and wake up in the morning nice and recharged to fully enjoy the final boss, the ending, and of course – start again with NewGame+.

[box_dark]And then the morning came[/box_dark]

I boot up my game, and I’m brought to the “Journey So Far…” loading screen featuring the image of Lilith. However, after the narration of the loading screen ended – the blue “autosave” wheel stopped spinning, and I noticed that my game had frozen. I tried again and again to restart my system and reload the save, to no avail. I did the first logical thing that came to mind, kicked, screamed, and whined until I realized nothing would come of that method. I then reached out to the good folks at THQ, who in a few days wrote back with a response on a possible fix to this problem.



Got that? Good. Now, As the employee described to me, you’ll want to simply delete the most recent save on your storage device. Darksiders 2 creates not one, but two saves for each saved game (A and B) which serve as backups for one another. After I backed up my saves on my memory unit, and re-downloaded all of my pre-order and bonus DLC (including the Crucible Pass) – I deleted SAVE B (the most recent save file of the pair by a single minute) and kept SAVE A along with all of the DLC on my primary storage device.

Then, when re-loading the game from the storage select screen, I simply selected my hard drive (the one containing only Save A and the DLC) and loaded my save file as normal. The game was right where I left off, loaded up as normal without issue, and I was able to complete the story.

I really hope this helped you as it helped me. If this didn’t for some reason fix your problem, you’ll be happy to know that THQ informed me that they are very aware of this very serious issue, and are currently working on a patch to release that will fix it for every player. I’d like to thank Haydn Dalton, the game’s lead designer, for all of his help and reassurance, and also the great folks at THQ for their prompt and helpful response to this issue. Go shout at @HaydnDalton on Twitter, tell him how much you loved the game, and let him know Dom from Rebel sent you!

Happy gaming, and be sure to let me know in the comments if this worked for you!

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