Doodle God Review

Doodle God is an app browser game created by Joybits Ltd. Joybits Ltd. was founded in 2002. The studio has launched over 75 games including  Doodle God and its multiple expansions of the game, it was created for the iPhone/iPod Touch  before becoming a browser game.

Game Play:

Doodle God starts of telling the story of the creator of all things/ you the doodle god. After a small narrated intro you come to the menu screen and are given 5 game modes plus an encyclopedia. The 5 game modes are, Main Game, Quests, Artifacts, Puzzles and Tournament. The heart of the game consists of mixing 2 elements together to create a new element. There are a total of 249 elements in the original game before expansion.

Main Game:


This is the base of the game. You start out with four basic elements,  wind, water, earth and fire.  There is a 360 degree map of earth that can be rotated in two directions. Your goal is to combine elements to create all 249 elements and complete the entire map of the earth. Combinations of elements can be physical such as combining water with lava to create stone, or metaphorical such as fire and water create alcohol. As you combine more and more elements you will be given elemental missions of a sort such as create a human or create ice. When you complete these you will be awarded two coins per element completed. We will get into what coins are used for later.

Quest Mode:

Doodle God

There are seven total quests in this mode, each with theme such as (Save The Princess) or (Go Santa Go). These themes all have specific starting elements to help you complete the quest and you will also earn coins here for finishing each quest.


This is a very small game mode because completion of the game unlocks more of what seems to be historical artifacts for you to unlock. There are fourteen of these artifacts and starting out they are all locked. Completing the main game by unlocking the 249 artifacts will start unlocking these historic artifacts, and you play sort of a guessing game about what three elements unlock this artifact. Other than completion of the game as a whole, this has no factor over the rest of the game.

Puzzle Mode:

This is exactly as the mode sounds. You have 11 puzzles in total, each with certain themes such as (White Christmas) where you goal is to make it snow, or (Jack-O-Lantern) and you try to create a Jack-o-Lantern. You start out with basic elements to help you succeed in your goal. Now here is where this mode differs from the others. You must make the elements in the right order or you can stalemate the puzzle and have to start over.

Tournament Mode:

Doodle God

Remember those coins for rewards I talked about earlier, well this is where they come into play. This mode is the only form of competition in Doodle God. Your coins are used to buy into rounds (2 coins per round) of this time attack style game mode. You are paired against two other players and must complete a set of 3 different elements with 3 core elements to create a so called element. The player with the fastest time and most elements correct wins the round and is given a score among the games leader board.


This is just a Log of all the elements you have created along the way of Doodle God.

Hints and Micro-transactions:

This is the downfall of this game. Other than tournament mode,  hints ruin the fun this game has to offer. There are 3 different types of hints you can use in game modes.  Hint number one is your basic hint, it gives you one element and then the completed element as your hint, leaving you to figure out what the second element is to complete the product. Hint number two shows you two groups of elements that can create a new element.  Hint number three, this hint automatically performs on a random reaction you have not found among the elements you have created. Each hint has a time duration before being used again. Hint  one you can use three times before it goes on cool down for two minutes. Hint number two can be used once with a ten minute cool down. And hint number three can be used once with an hour long cool down. There are also two types of micro-transactions in this game by way of paying for hints to come off cool down instantly and the purchasing of coins for tournament mode.


The score for this is a little underwhelming. It has a certain ambiance but beyond that it’s the same music no matter what mode your playing.


Not much to mention, standard app game like graphics.

Fun Factor:

To be honest, this games concept seems fun, but the infinite hints and most of the game modes being so similar it takes every ounce of fun out of it. But if you are into creating things in a puzzle like format, or testing how fast you can create certain elements on the fly this game maybe what you are looking for.

Overall verdict:

I like puzzle games, especially when they are challenging. Doodle God can be fun, don’t get me wrong, but with infinite hints and having to buy coins all the time just to play the most challenging mode in the game when your first coins run out, is kind of taking away from its potential.

Overall Rating:

I would have to give Doodle god a 2 out of 5 stars. Lack of originality, easy hint system and buying coins for tournament mode is a downfall to this game. There are a lot of expansions for this game but the same outcome, once you are done all that’s left is spending money to keep playing tournament mode building.


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