Gamma Labs’ “G Fuel” Staff Review

GFuel_brandReview by Rob Sellig:

I was really excited when I found out that G Fuel would be giving Rebel Gaming some sample packs to give away for our Rebel B-Day Bash, more excited that I would finally be able to try this out for myself! I am not one to drink energy drinks, I dont like the ingredients that most have in them. Being a label reader the first thing I did was read the label! I wanted to know what was going into my body.  I was pleasantly surprise to find not a lot of big worded, unsure of what they mean ingredients, but really good for you ingredients that I did not have to be concerned about consuming. So usually what happens here is when something has good stuff in it, and is good for you, it lacks in taste or on the other hand you get an overly sugary tasting drink. G Fuel surprised me again, and has really combined the best of both worlds in this drink. The flavors were amazing! The night we got our G Fuel in I tried it along with some friends of mine. I have to say it really did make my gaming better that night. I was more alert, not jittery and feeling pretty good. Here are some of my friends reactions to taking G Fuel for the first time:

EJ- Play N Trade Employee – Halo 4 Player : While drinking Gfuel I seem to play more clean, shots are on point, it really keeps me in the zone, especially when playing for long periods of time. Just make sure you mix it with the right amount of water, if you dont it can be a bit strong!

Vinnie- Owner Play N Trade (Middletown NJ): I really loved the taste and would love to sell this in my store as its something I can stand behind. Its so good I know I will be drinking it while coaching football and give it to the team before games to give them a competitive edge! I absolutely LOVE this!

Berg- Gears of War gamer: This taste really good, I don’t ever want to stop drinking this!

I guess the proof is in the product,  G Fuel is amazing!


Review by Dom Mahoney:

I always get excited to receive packages in the mail, and today was no different. I came home from work today, exhausted and ready supp-facts g fuel for bed – when I spied a small yellow envelope waiting for me in my mailbox. The sender of this parcel was none other than Rebel Gaming CEO, Stephanie “IRGRL” Vivian – and I was puzzled as to what it could be. Inside the package was 15 packets of Gamma Labs’ “G Fuel” energy powder, which claims to boost gamers’ energy, focus, and endurance. Instead of delaying this review, I decided to clean my apartment tonight – in hopes that “G Fuel” would provide me the energy to do it.

If you’re anything like me, you probably have had more than your fair share of energy drinks. Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar, or my personal favorite – Iced coffee with a shot of espresso – all of these beverages have been essential parts of my late night gaming sessions, and marathon work days. I’ve had too many canned energy drinks to count, but G Fuel is the first energy supplement that I’ve seen come in a small packet. Similar to a Crystal Light or Kool Aid or other instant soft drink, G Fuel is meant to be added to a bottle of water (about 12 oz) and shaken until well mixed. G Fuel comes in three flavors: Lemon Lime, Blue Ice, and Fruit Punch – which are all fine and good, but does this magical drink work?

First, let’s talk flavor. I’m a big ‘taste’ guy. I love the taste of a good cup of coffee, but find myself pounding down Monster Energy cans when I’m in a need of energy – and to avoid their generally unpleasant taste. There’s nothing worse to me than drinking something you know is bad for you, and having it taste awful too. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love some flavors of Monster, but I don’t drink it for the taste. G Fuel’s three flavors all are pretty good, and all have the sugary tang that most powdered drink mixes have. Lemon Lime is similar to the lemon lime (yellow) Gatorade flavor, and wasn’t bad, but wasn’t my favorite. Fruit Punch is, well, fruit punch-y and pretty good, but was a close tie with Blue Ice – which boasted a pretty great blue raspberry flavor with no “energy drink” after taste. An important thing to note, and a great quality about G Fuel, is the fact that it doesn’t give your teeth the rotten, filmy feel that some energy drinks do, since it’s primarily water, and that it doesn’t stain your lips or teeth. Also, it doesn’t make your breath smell like energy drinks do, which is normally terrible.

As for G Fuel’s performance – I can’t really say that I felt the same buzz that I’d get from a canned energy drink, but I absolutely enjoyed the rush that was provided. On the same hand, I experienced zero crash or jittery feeling well after the drink had come and gone from my body – which was a refreshing change of pace for energy supplements.

gfuel One of the best parts about G Fuel is the price. Currently, the Gamma Gamers website has a “40 serving” tub of G Fuel (in any flavor) available for $35.99. This rounds out to less than a dollar per serving, which is an absolute steal compared to the outrageous prices of every other canned energy drink. If you really like G Fuel, and you use energy supplements often enough to warrant 40 servings, it’s a deal that truly can’t be beat.

Overall – I have to say that I was pretty impressed with G Fuel. The taste, effects, and price point are all pretty great, and much better than expected from something you get out of a small packet. If you want to learn more about G Fuel, or to get some for yourself – check out, or hit up @GammaGamers on Twitter and tell ’em that Papa Dom and Rob Sellig  from Rebel Gaming sent you!!!

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