Mantis Burn Racing Review

Mantis Burn Racing, the newest game by Voofoo Studios, is a top down arcade style racer that spans over a simple yet challenging career mode as well as offers online and local play.
The game allows you to pick from different chaste’s that have their own advantages and disadvantages. All vehicles can be upgraded through a simple leveling up system that allows you to slot different upgrades into your vehicles. In  addition you can customize the color of any said vehicle, so that you know who you are in large groups of players!
The gameplay is fun with very simple and easy to master controls. The visuals as well are very nice to look at, ranging from canyon cliffs, to city streets, to town harbors, each all offering their own quirks to the race. The sound quality is well done, and the background music is subtle but intense.
Voofoo Studios is a veteran of console arcade style games, including several board games like chess, backgammon, and pool, as well as Big Sky Infinity, a dual stick shooter, that all share the same quality of simple controls with elegant design. My personal favorite thing is how easy the controls operate for some sweet drifting tricks. All in all Mantis Burn Racing is a perfect quick fix game to play with friends or even to best new challenges on the online leader-board.
4/5 stars
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