Pax East 2017 Wrap Up

Pax East 2017 was loaded with so much goodness it was really hard to see all we wanted to in the 2 days we were there. Xbox had a huge showing of games and as well was heavy into the promotion of Beam, Twitch had its special partner lounge where partners could do a little live streaming and as well the a Meet and Greet area, where fans could chat and get an autograph with their favorite streamer. 

Personally I think the big hit of the show was the Nintendo Switch area. Tournaments went on during the duration of Pax East, and big crowds were always watching and cheering on competitors. There were as well other tournaments going on for different games, like the ones in the PAX Arena. 

But we must not forget why PAX is PAX, the indie games! Well all I have to say is some took the name indie to the next level, Aftercharge was just one of those games, we literally walked by its stand? Display? Promotion? three times before we realized that was the game we were looking for. More about that game later this week! I do not want to give too much away here!

Board games and cards had a huge showing in just about every genre and style to please just about everyone and VR of course had a big showing at PAX, being the new “in” kid on the block, everyone wanted a turn, and the lines were huge for that as well. 

There was a lot of tech at PAX also, headsets, computers, and cooling systems were HUGE. I really could go on and on, but wrapping up, Rebel was lucky enough to score some sweet interviews with HaloSpark, Trion, Rooster Teeth, Steel Series, Lucid Sound and Chainsaw Games. All coming this week! 




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Stephanie Vivian

CEO and Editor in Chief for Rebel Gaming

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