Review: Cubeman!

Hey there boys and girls!  I just finished playing this new game that my friend Veronika turned me onto.  The game is called Cubeman, and while it’s simple in theory, mastering it is another story.

This game was made by CityMan, he did it 100% alone, it’s got a story mode, and also a multiplayer. In this game you are this little blue cube guy, going around a hex board, jumping and busting the little colored cubes to get points.  Simple, but watch out for the red cube guys that make you start the level over, falling will also cause a level restart.  Left and right keys are, well, left and right, and space is jump.  It took me a little while to get the hang of everything, especially being a square on a hex board, but you catch on pretty quick.  While this type of game may not be new, the sound track is magnificent! One of the bands it features is Big Giant Circles, which is one of my favorites.  It’s upbeat, it’s happy, it makes you feel good. It gets you in the mood to jump around and get those cubes!  It makes me think of the old NES soundtracks that I loved growing up.  Visually it’s very bright and happy which I love.  So bright in fact the game has a seizure warning on it so keep that in mind.

All in all, so long as you are not seizure prone, this is a must have game in my opinion.  The simple gameplay, bright graphics, and wonderful soundtrack take me back to my NES system for a taste of nostalgia.   But enough of my talking, here is a nice happy picture and the link where you can get it!  On computer its in its pre-alpha stage, but is also available on Android.
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Download and Video here!

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