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Stream Team Captain

Kevin Hogan, 23 

FPS, RPG, and Music games are the main games I play across all platforms. Outside of gaming I sell auto parts. Avid bowler that competes in various leagues and tournaments.




Natural stream teamBilly “NaturaL” Delaney, 24 

I picked up my first controller when I was 4 and have never put it down. I have a deep love for sports which fuels my competitiveness for the games I play. As an avid gamer of many titles you can usually find me on almost anything with a eSports background. I am currently a full time student and part time streamer.



DrewmegaCory Frans, 32

Gaming since the Atari 2600 days. A full on variety streamer that loves retro, and modern.
Every stream is a party stream when I am around!





Cody “CDubz” Carson, 27

Been playing First Person shooters since Golden Eye on Nintendo 64 and haven’t looked back. Big Call of Duty fan and eSports fan







I am a variety streamer, but you can find me streaming first person shooters such as Destiny or Call of Duty. In my spare time I enjoy drawing and working on graphic designs




FinkDaniel “Fink” Fink, 28

Before I could articulate my first sentence, I had an controller in my hand. I play everything from checkers to FPS and no gaps in between. I stream across all platforms. I consider myself a community streamer, I won’t carry you but if you need the help I will do what I can. So sit back and enjoy the ride. 





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